Friday, September 26, 2003

Pink Bike V Bad

Today is both a good and bad day bike wise- She's off for new tyres and a service.

But that's ok- even the likely $750 doesn't matter..

What did matter was that on the way there some bloke knocked on his window at the lights and pointed vigorously to the rear section of the bike. I looked down, and gasped at sight of green radiator fluid pissing out of the area where the filler is (under the pillion seat)

So I pulled over for a gander and everything seemed ok. Water level was normal- so was temperature. It the occurred to me that it was not the radiator at all- but rather the CAN of V Waysell had left there last weekend. The bastard thing had popped and leaked it's sickly green crap everywhere....

Bridgestone BT012's!
Anyway new tyres are always a worry. While people in the car driving world only deal with new tyres every 50,000k's motorcycles are more like every 5,000 for a rear tyre and every 10,000 for a front. At $300 for a rear and $200 for a front it gets pretty expensive. Coupled with that is the concept of "scrubbing" in new tyres. New tyres (car and bike) are covered in mold release agent that is as slippery as eel snot. You need to slowly work them in so that your vehicle stays rubber side DOWN!

And with rain forecast this weekend I think there may be trouble...

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