Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Again and again and again

Every few years this little shit turns up, and everytime it's with a fresh excuse. Read up and learn.
Open letter to [deleted]"The Age" journos.

Hello all,
I'm sending this email in response to the article :
titled: Media World admits technology fears...

I'm sure you'll take the time to read or re read said article, however here's a bit:

Media World Communications, the company billed by believers as potentially bigger than Microsoft, said yesterday the technology on which it had based a stockmarket relisting might not work.
Media World, which used to trade as miner Werrie Gold, last week deferred its relisting a day before it was expected to hit the boards.
Yesterday it told the market that the Adams Platform Technology, invented six years ago by Melbourne businessman Adam Clark, might not work.

Well that is not suprise to those who got in early on this story. Way back in the late 90's when Adam surfaced, Nathan Cochrane rightly felt that it may have been a hoax. Andrew Cosgriff and I interviewed Adam on our community radio program. We brought along an expert from Monash uni's ANSPAG web streaming group and we grilled him. At that time, I felt confident, felt like it could be real- but hell people that was 6 Goddamn years ago!!

When Adam surface with his radical claims (a whole DVD quality movie on a floppy etc..) were just the noisy ramblings of a young man with a neat card trick. Fast forward 6 years:

"Mr Clark, along with his associates, has gained $16 million from the sale and licensing fees of the technology.
Media World Communications has raised a total of $28 million in the past three years and patient shareholders have been waiting for the promised relisting."

Like, dude HOLY SHIT! This isn't snake oil, its a fucking live 900 foot anaconda squeezing money out of fools, suckers and folk who forgot that the IT bubble BURST back in 2000.

So whats this got to do with you guys?

We let him go. We had the chance to nail his pale little arse to the wall and stop this happening, but no one bothered to do an Andrew Rule type investigation and absolutely expose the Emperor's new clothes. Hell I did a bit when I was working part time, and it was easy. Adam's old lawyer Roger Velik turned up (and I spoke to him), so too did a LOT of disgruntled "partners"- this was in 2002, before the money train started in earnest. If iot hit the fan back then, the spray would have been a lot smaller than the coming crap shower.

I'm not blaming anyone, but I do suspect that if this was the US of A, Adam would now be staked to a roadside somewhere in Nevada with birds pecking his bones clean. And rightly so.

We let him go folks- and now he's rich. Not rich in a "I just won on Deal or No Deal" sense, but "I sold my options in sausage before the crash" REALLY damn rich sense. Rich on a lie, a damned lie that should have been exposed when the devil gave birth to him.

More from the article:

"It's always been a company where it is either worth lots of money . . . or it's not worth anything," Mr Ramsden said. "It was never going to be worth something in the middle."

So make it worthless. If I'm any judge you should all be able to corner Adam and put your foot on his throat and get a confession. Peel back the layers around him- bypass the lawyer, his dad, the other publicists and liars and get to the source. I always felt that one on one with a decent journo, the little shit would fold up like a dodgy card table. Hell, he'll probably cry and ask you to organise him a fake passport and disguise.

Get to work, there's Walkley in them thar hills..


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