Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Some pics...

Loxton, SA. Day 2. Cold night- the coldest so far. It's on the Murray, Maurie.

About to cross the Ferry, near Loxton, SA. We though we were lost, but we got the ferry (free!) and went about our business.

Lake Eyre. We fell over twice on the road out. Sandy, then wet, then rutted, then OVER WE GO!

Camping rough stytle, somewhere near Oodnadatta. We fell over getting to this campsite as well. I got the bike stuck on my leg and Rachel stood there laughing. Next crash, it's going on her leg- exhaust side too!

Cars only? Screw that, we're here! Uluru, NT.
Umm this requires some explaining. we stole Kat's bikini top and Duncan summer PJs and... well, we are going to take pics all over this wide brown land with said items.. umm... on our heads. Here we see a nice example of the items in full flight on the top of Uluru. (yes, I know, I bloody know I shouldn't have clombed, but Rachel would have gone on her own and then no doubt fallen off the bloody thing.)

Last night's campsite out near Palm Valley, NT. Lotsa dingoes, brumbies, donkeys and few people.
Umm the bikini top and the PJs- end of the Ooodnadatta track, northern SA. 650k's of dirt DONE!
Rachel asleep on the bike as the sun sets on Uluru, NT.
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Anonymous Donny said...

Hey there outback adventurers, nice to see that you have made it so far without quiting and buying a L300 4x4, I know someone who has a nice shiny blue one.
Well hope it's all going well and you two are enjoying all the rough stuff on the bike...
We got back today and picked up Chavito. Now its time to sleep and get rid of the jetlag.
Take care of our Waysell, Bikerboy.
Donny & Maggie.

7/27/2005 11:03 pm  

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