Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yesterday was the most leisurely day of all. We left Turtle Bay at about 8:45 and motor sailed around Hamilton Island. We moored opposite the entrance while I did y regular segment (albeit reduced in time) with Neil Mitchell back in Melbourne. Rachel filmed me while I was on air, so that should make for some intersting viewing.

Car segment done, we radioed Hamilton Harbour for instructions and permission to come in. They gave us our location (booked earlier in the week by Yacht charter people) and we motored on in. We prepped the boat with bumpers and tie up ropes and thanks to my years of sailing Dad's triler sailor, I managed to bring us alongside without a drama. We'd have loved to see the Bloody Mary crew come in, but I think they'd run old BM up the harbour wall before making their grand entrance.
Once tied up, Rachel verily RAN to the "proper shower" I think that a hand held shower on the transom (the little platform at the back) is more than acceptable.

It would seem not.

I had my shower and nodded to a bloke who proceeded to tell me that the shower block "must be floating" as it was moving under him. I indicated that we were most certainly on dry land. He seem unconvinced. Perhaps he was from ol' BM...

We abused facilities on Hamilton like Carl Vickers with a power cord and a flat battery (old in joke). I might add it was our right, but we did spend an inordinate amount of time around the pool, in the pool and at the pool bar.

We followed this with another shower and prepped for dinner. To say dinner was spectacular would be to understate the awesomeness of theis feast. Pics o foolw later...

We're off to brekky now!!!

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