Friday, March 07, 2008

Motorcyclist killed in Black Rock

From The Age:

A police spokesman said the 43-year-old driver, from neighbouring Brighton, was making a u-turn when the motorcycle approached her from behind. She is helping police with their investigation.
Damn fool drivers doing u turns. I'm going to say it: U Turns should be banned. The very nature of a u-turn encourages people to get over in the far left of the lane and then cut in front of any traffic behind. Add in the fact that drivers do not look properly and you have a recipe for trouble.

That is why I always slow down if there is someone in a car that has pulled over. Watch for wheels turning out while stationary. Don't bother looking for an indicator, they won't use it and you'll soar over the back of the car like a messed up eagle bwecause you made an assumption.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, just tagged you in the 8 random facts meme http://www.specht.com.au/michael/2008/03/20/8-random-facts-about-me.

3/20/2008 4:57 pm  
Anonymous coliwilso said...

And, if all else fails and you're going in, stand on the foot pegs, lock your knees, and loosen your grip on the handlebars. If you're lucky you'll clear the car. Bouncing down the road is the lesser of two evils if the other one is slamming into something stationary and solid...

4/16/2008 6:42 pm  

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