Monday, October 27, 2003

After a slight screw up over my work roster this week- where I turned up on my day off, I though "Well bugger this I am off somewhere..." And so, gentle reader I find myself at Jenjen's place in Inverloch- where she is starting her new windsurfing, kitesailing and kayak hire/lessons business.

I was convinced that I was going to get rained on pretty harshly- the forecast said so, the sky even said so.

BUT ALL LIED- thank god. I bought a map and just decided where I thought it would be nice to ride through. So 14 Kilometres after the turn off to the South Gippy Hwy I turned left towards Kernot, Kongwak and beyond to Inverloch. I just guessed that it was kinda twisty and hoped the roads would be decent..

And they were spectacular.

Absolutely. The pic on the right is NOT fake. It's the real deal kiddies! Click on it to see the full size... click for full size

It's all winery/dairy land and the drought has certainly broken here. Verdant green landscapes. It was hilly all the way- very, very scenic and lots of first gear corners. I wasn't pushing on too hard- too much gravel, bumps and cow shit, but still some of the best solo riding I have experienced. A hidden treasure- very English and the tightness of the turns combined with the views were a highlight.

So much so that I went for an evening blast up to Korumburra. No risk of getting booked- the speed limit is 100 and it's a struggle to get there much of the time! On the way back into Inverloch there are a few stretches where you can get into the license RED zone. I won't say much- but when you red line an S3 in 5th and then grab 6th, you are fairly motoring along...

I even slowed down and took some pics with the mobile phone camera while riding. I know it seems silly or even stupid, but I made it look a lot faster than it was- maybe 25 k's by the time I pressed the button. But with black leathers and my black helmet and visor it looks kinda cool.

Even for me!

In Wonthaggi, I bought a cask of mediocre red and have fair ploughed into the son of a bitch. We've got Faithless up way loud and here I am blogging.

This is in real time folks... REAL TIME!

Zephyr Water Sports- Coming soon when I get around to it...
Inverloch- It's frickin' ace!
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