Thursday, November 13, 2003

Speed cameras...

Like most, I don't think speed cameras do the job. And now that many have been found to be faulty, I think it's time to do something else. I've written the following letter to The Age:
The current problems with fixed speed cameras present police with an opportunity.

Get back to old fashion policing. Go out with you laser detectors and unmarked cars onto these roads and work.

As a motorcyclist I am sick of seeing people using these "safer" roads as a free for all outside of the camera gantries. You only need to see the ripple of brake lights at each camera site to know it's not exactly working and is in fact dangerous. Give me a steady 110 k's over 90-120-90 any day. Add in a liberal dose of mobile phone use and you have what one rider called the "mobile stupidity collective". This behaviour is funnily enough not noticed by the fixed cameras. But as a vulnerable road user, I notice it just fine.

Actually coming on the back of the death of a cyclist due to a woman SMS-ing while driving, I have the following exchange at the traffic lights in Hawthorn when I saw a woman SMS-ing at the lights:
Me: Hey lady! Didn't you see the news? Put the damn phone down and pay attention!
Her: I wasn't doing anything Phone is actually in her hand
Me: Oh yeah- then what are you doing eh?
Her: uncertain, furtive I don't use it much. Just... SMS... at the lights.
Me: Yeah sure, put it away before I become a statistic.

What could have been so important?
Speeding fines frozen
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