Friday, March 12, 2004

Go Postal!

I have no idea whether this will be useful or just annoying, but here is all the info about getting, running and LOVING a POSTIE BIKE!

…a what?
A postie bike is a Honda CT110 four stroke motorcycle as used by your local postie. You can’t get ‘em new, only the Post Office can do that. You will need a motorcycle license in most states to ride one, but they are learner legal. It has a manual four speed gearbox but NO CLUTCH. No electric start (kick only). Their top speed is about 75 kph, and can out accelerate many cars. They are primarily single seater, but are versatile enough to carry pillions, dogs and rather unsightly large loads.

Dry weight: 89.5 kg (197 lb)
Capacities Displacement: 105.1 cm?
Fuel Tank: 5.5 L (about $5 to fill at today’s prices)
Output Power: 7.5 HP(DIN) @7,500 rpm

Well many muso, punters and other poor characters have next to nowt money, but need to get around and the Postie Bike (PB) is perfect. Low cost to :buy, run and maintain, it’s also a lot of fun and can do all sorts of neato stuff.

Auction is the go- Trading post is more expensive, but you might get one that has received some TLC . Fowles sell them the first Wednesday of every month. Don’t buy the first few that come up- there are usually about 50-100 per Auction, per month- plenty to choose from! Get the lie of the land in the early auctions and then swoop hawk-like when there is a lull.

…How much?
From around $450- $1500 depending on condition and rego details. Roadworthy certificates are a cinch and rego is about $300 a year plus $90 for 3rd party fire and theft.

…parts and so on?
Since the CT110 is still sold in Australia (to Aussie Post) you can order NEW parts for the later models from any Honda Parts Dealer. You can also get 2nd hand parts from Motorcycle wreckers and fellow CT enthusiasts(?!) oil filter runs to about $15 and you should always use the best oil possible (this goes for cars too!) about $20 a change (twice a year- plus top ups!) There is no reason that the most shithouse mechanic (i.e. YOU) couldn’t do almost ALL the maintenance on your own bike!

Crash or crash through! CLICK FOR FULL SIZE!
You can do all sorts of silly shit. Standard Postie pulls about 8 horsepower (my triumph is more like 130) You can remove exhaust baffles, get ‘em ported n polished, run ‘em on AVGAS or Methanol, get nitro kits, get it dyno tuned- all sorts of crazy shit. I even heard of one guy who turbo-ed it and it pulled a 14 second quarter mile (*which would beat a V8 commodore). Guys n gals race them, do huge trips and treat ‘em rough all the way.(the Cape York annual trip is, I gather a BEAUTY!).

But without doubt the postie is great coz its versatile. The rear rack is big enough for a large crate (like from Ikea etc) drill holes through the lip of the lid and opposite ends, fit locks and its like a car boot! You will be amazed how much you can carry and how little you will use/need/miss a car. If you haven’t owned a motorcycle you are missing out. Cross town in peak hour? No worries! A park outside your favourite pub 2 minutes before your favourite band goes on? Done! OK so it rains… BMW sell a full rain suit for $190 that is so warm and dry- you’d hardly know its raining. A cheap open face helmet is about $100 and you can wear blunnies/docs. Cheap gloves are about $30.

Total costs
Start Up
Bike and rego $1000, Gear $250
Total $1250

Annual costs
Rego + Ins. $350, Tyres $ 100, Home service- oil, spark plug, filter $200 (for three services), Fuel (one tank a week) $250
Total $800

Weekly costs (all up) $15. (or $2.10 per day) Compare that with your car!

In short GO POSTAL!
ABC Radio Story about Postie Bike Challenge
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