Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kakadu -u-u push pineapple etc

A little know fact about the Katherine gorge: It is made out of fibre glass and was only finished in 1972. If thats a suprise to you, then you can imagine how we felt..
That said, they have done a great job making it as close to Disneyland as possible, right down to the American tourists.
A wallaby ate my map. "Sure thing" I hear you say, but its bloody true. They are a Damn menace and I want to know what the government is going to do. They roam about the campsite like errant teenagers, though I dont blame them- there is bugger all to do here at night.
Im going in to see my very good friends and new trip sponsors at Rod and Rifle. I have become rather obsessed with bagging a big one with me new fishin rod. Im not fussy either- barra, croc, pig, German tourist- I just wanna catch something that puts up a bit of a fight. My mates at R n R are bloody confident and stoked with the huge media coverage my efforts are generating.
We have a very important commitment in Darwin next week* and more updates and pics will be available at that time.
HUGE HOLLA to New York livin little bro who made his first appearance on The ABC 774 breakfast program with Red Symons. Steve was the feature expat and I am sure would have been really funny, interesting and cool. Hell, I reckon he's finally learnt something from big bro. It was me who dobbed him in to the show in the first place.
*New tyres.

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