Monday, September 26, 2005

War memorial...

You simply must go to the Australian War Memorial website and listen to the audio files of Australian trooops caught in a firefight in Vietnam:

Listen to the segment when the Helicopter commander (aka "three zero" asks the commander on the ground whether the strafing run by "bushranger" has been effective:

"Three-Zero, Three One - Three-One, Three-Zero. How was that?
Three-One. That's lovely. Over.

"That's lovely"
The final recording is both dramatic and quint essentially Australian. Each line is a different person. They are trying to co ordinate a dust off for a wounded Digger while trying to reduce enemy fire on both the dustoff and the troops below. It's bloody tense.
Charlie, Bushranger Seven-One. Be rolling in in twenty seconds. We're running in from the south west to the north east.
Roger, watch out for our dustoff as you probably know, Out.
Dustoff One, this is Three-Charlie, that man's fairly bad. He's got a hole right into chest above the heart. (sound of firing) We're taking fire -get out, get out, Dustoff!
Dustoff's getting fired at.
Get that chopper out of the way, you're being fired at! Dustoff, piss off!
We're taking tracer pretty heavy from that position, now.
Bushranger Seven-One, can you bring them in? Dustoff was fired at then.
Roger, If Three-One will throw smoke, we'll suppress.
Three-One, we are giving covering fire. Over.
Dustoff, be careful with those guns, we're down here too. Over...

There's lots of really worthy, wonderful stuff on the AWM site- you could spend hours listening and reading up on the real life experiences of Australians at War.
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