Monday, November 28, 2005

Vee Hate

Before I begin, I have to say, I didn't care much for the V8 supercar series. I generally find car racing rather dull due to:
1/ The lack of passing. Open wheelers especially- they cannot afford a clash of wheels, so tend to stay away from each other. Plus if they do clash wheels- game over for someone. In the tin tops, the reality of "one true line" racing means that switching back and forth to zip up or around the opposition does not happen as much.
2/ The points in V8s. They get 64 points for first, 62 for second, 60 3rd, 58 4th etc. No real motivation to go for the top points.
3/ The cost. $400 grand for a race car? That will make the "smash n bash" racing style that the crowd loves rather expensive...
4/ Pit stops. This really, really kills me. Some monkey with a rattle gun can make you go from 1st to 4th? Let the track decide, I say.

So that said, I went down on Saturday to see the final round of the V8 supercars @ Phillip Island. I was there ostensibly to do some live crosses for radio 3AW (and it turns out 5AA in Adelaide, 2UE in Sydney as well)

It was, and I can't believe I am going to say this, absolutely bloody great. This may have more to do with the fact that I had a media pass that got me just about everywhere- free food n drink, wide screen plasma TV, unfettered pit access and more than one or two chances to say hi to pit girlies, but that's hardly the point.

Russell Ingall maintained his lead in the championship and won the tile. It was not what I would call a dominating performance- he won 1 round, (out of 13) 2 races (out of 30 odd), but he got the points.

What was fun was seeing his celebrations afterwards. A lap around the circuit while hanging out the side door (the windows do not wind down in a V8 supercar), followed by a series of donuts, burnouts, drive by's and so on until he blew his back tyre. Well pleased. The press conference was also interesting afterwards.

I also managed to sneak in some RAPID related business and organised an article from idea to "might happen" hmmm stay tuned.

Some pics:
The view from the press area during the presentation:

The view down the main straight under the bridge. The MotoGP bikes went 330+kph. V8s about 290kph:

Stunt rider Allan Morrison (who is currently bikeless after two recent crashes) playing "Deer Hunt" or sumsuch. I sucked at it. That is strange considering I rule at other games

I'm off home, it's 7pm:

Ok sad/funny pic of the day is this big, bearded, bikie-looking-bloke. He was all alone, smashed out completely. Thing is, how does one get this drunk alone? You don't. So he was there with "friends" right? He gets smashed and they LEAVE him there like this. Of course that is as far my sympathy extends. I did, after all, take a camera phone pic of him. Security came over to help him up. He walked under his own stream. I considered giving him a lift to the gate on the Beemer, but thought better (or worse) of it. He needed the walk besides. Some kids walked past and had a gawk. As they went past me I said "Santa will be a bit late this year kids..."

Special thanks to Jen Jen and Brett for putting me up for the night in Inverloch- apologies for the lack of a free pass on the day!
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Blogger Elwood Don said...

Get your arse kicked at other games more like...

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