Wednesday, December 07, 2005

thomas needs...

Thanks to Kranki, I am going to participate in a silly but fun time waster where you paste "[your name] needs" into google and see what comes out. Top Ten pasted below:

1/ Jesus Visits His Disciples, but Thomas Needs Proof
Ain't that the truth. Poor old Thomas (of bible fame) has copped a lot of crap of the millenias(sp?) for being The Doubting One, but he's really all of us...

2/ Thomas Needs Help!
Not altogether true, but sometimes all too true
"I've fallen over and can't get up"
"My knee needs a massage"
"Where are my boots?"

3/Thomas Needs an *.
This is deep, man. What does the * represent- is it a wildcard? Do I need some sort of randomness in my life? I have tons of that crap.
Does the * mean a star? Do I need to find a second string, strictly B list celeb as a friend? I'm working on it!

4/ Thomas needs a blog

Like totally get stuffed. THIS IS A FREAKIN' blog! I'm doing my damn best. Ahhh screw it. No credit, nothing. Screw you. Bastard.

5/ Thomas needs to give himself time
Ok, so screwing around for 33 years ain't enough? Perhaps I need another holiday. Another rest. Another adventure.

What I really need is a break. Success type break- not holiday break

6/ But making connections is what Thomas needs
I've always done pretty well in this regard. I make connections, foister relationships and then piss 'em up against a wall...

7/ Thomas Needs a New Nickname.
Suggestions? I've never bneen one for nick names- hence I post on various boards/sites as thomasr. That's because it's my frickin' name.

8/ Thomas Needs To Decide Where Sweetney Belongs
This issue has been vexing me to the point of over-vexedness. My head says "Decide what's best for Sweetney", but my heart says "Set The Sweetney free"

9/ Thomas Needs a Drink!
Holy crap I swear I didn't write this one. I have been known to enjoy a cool drink on a warm day. And why not?

10/ Thomas needs to send out a reminder e-mail
I'm not saying that this isn't true, but I am saying I have no idea what said email is supposed to be about. If only I had sent the said reminder email I might actually remember what said email was about. Sheesh!
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Anonymous Gav said...

Hey, funny stuff. I had a go - here are a few I liked:

- Gavin needs to prove, as an individual, that he can reach the standards he set last year.

- Gavin needs to learn how to differentiate in his relation to women.

-Gavin needs discipline on the back side to be able to stay on top.


12/07/2005 4:45 pm  
Blogger thr said...

you have clearly been very naughty!!

"to be able to stay on top"


get to it!

12/07/2005 5:39 pm  

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