Monday, July 10, 2006

NASA live tv

Despite the relative "ho hum" nature of modern space travel- it still interests and inspires me.

As an avowed claustrophobe, I doubt I would pass any astronaut classes- there's something about a guy in a big space suit squealing "get me out GET ME THE HELL OUT!" that equals no space career.

Watching video of the astronauts going on a spacewalk (like Mr Squiggle) still awes me. you want lonely? Vertigo? WOW try being 200 miles (320 Kms) above earth just doin' a lil construction work.

Anyway, check out the link below while the current mission is in progress and enjoy the banter and chatter between ground control and the space shuttle/International Space station.

I watched fascinated the other day when a couple of female astronauts were working on something or other with the robotic arm. They sat side by side working away and their ponytails sat out at 90 degrees to their heads (zero gravity remember!). When they turned their heads.... frankly, their pony tails looked like dogs wagging their tails. I was having a laugh with a colleague at their expense when a female mission controller said "we're loving the ponytails!" and the gals wagged their tails like they were happy lil dawgs. Fantastic!

NASA TV- live streaming from the Discovery

UPDATE: ...they actally have little breaks with astronauts saying stuff like "Hi I'm Bob from The Discovery mission, stay tuned for more from NASA TV!"

Just. Like. Sports. Stars.
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