Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Yoik

Is as I remember it- bloody awesome.

Day 1 weather was ok- sunny after a bit and was great by the time we got to SoHo to meet up with Stephen and Sarah for the first time. (Sarah first time, Stephen I know pretty well)

We're uptownish next to Central Park. Been active and been for a run twice (Rachel three times) through and around The Park. I get lost everytime as I can't orient myself when I am in the northern hemisphere- the sun's all wrong. I got hit by a particularly aggressive dash of jetlag that resulted in me having 19 odd hours sleep in a 24 hour period. I'm over it now, but it has given me a bad back. Too much time in a crappy hotel bed.

We've bought our weekly passes for the subway and frankly the trains are old, loud but frequent and bloody handy. Seen bugger all motorcycles about- mostly Ducati Monsters and scooters. No real suprises there- it does snow like all hell here in the winter so a bike would suck for at least four months of the year- perhaps more.

Out to dinner tonight with old family friends, the ceremony Wednesday, followed by dinner Friday night, the reception (and my speech) Saturday. etc.

Picture post to follow soon...
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