Monday, April 10, 2006

Coming soon!!

I'm pleased, excited and a little bit concerned about a new venture I am launching:

ThomasrDotOrg it's up!!

I just realised that I was doing a fair bit of more professional work (amazingly enough) and realised that I A/ Needed a non @hotmail or @gmail email address to show I meant business. B/ While investigating getting my own domain for email, I found out that hosting my blog etc was pretty cheap for a year, so I decided to take the plunge. I'm designing the new site at the moment. It's pretty minimalist in terms
of design- I will go high tech OTT (Over The Top) at a later date- initially I just want to get it up and happening.

What I will have
Proposed areas:
1/ About- What is says- about me. Short professional-ish.
2/ Blog- This shite- will be using blogger as before, but reformatted for new look n feel.
3/ Articles- I've got a few about to be published, so I can start showing off as I head towards double figures :P
4/ 'Ventures- here's where I will collate my:
- Adventures. Holidays, days out, foolish things etc.
- Ventures. Projects- coming short films, podcasts, interviews and so on.
- Other blogs: Fattest fatties, Mad Max II remake etc.
5/ Vids. Video content from articles, trips, fun, movies, remakes, machinima, etc
6/ Pics. I'm getting a whizz bang SLR digital camera and am moving towards taking more of my own pictures as I will A/ make more money B/ maintain full creative control of my work. This area will be where I put the pics that don't get used or other pics of interest that are not for general publication.
7/ Links. resources, blogs, sites of interest. Very 1997...
8/ Contact. How to get in touch with me. Or how to avoid me.

So there you have it. ThomasrDotOrg (as it will be branded) is launching before the end of the month.
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