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The irrepressible Ms Fits, AKA HollyC has been offered a wonderful opportunity- the opportunity to join me on the wonderful (and safe!) Speed Triple (from Triumph)

So far:
  • She's accepted
  • She's ducked out
  • Gone away
  • Said yes again
  • Sought advice
  • Declined
  • Put it to a vote
So today's blogging is all about why she should go.

1/ I've never crashed.
Apart from the fall overs when Rachel and I went on our trip- in deep sand, at 5 km/h, I've never crashed a bike on the road. I've had moments (on my own NEVER, with a pillion) and gone close, but never laid it down.

2/ I have awesome hazard awareness.
I've ridden a bike in traffic; to and from work for many years. I haev never had a car do something unexpected. Illegal, stupid, mindless, crappy, fucked up, nutty, inane, malicious, nasty, lame, ghey ALL THAT- but never unexpected. I can see things before they happen. Like Darth Vader.

3/ I do not have a death wish.
Despite a penchant for dangerous things, or rather a penchant for things that happen to be dangerous, I do not seek to risk my life. I don't like skydiving, bungie jumping etc as they are simply life risking things without skill required. If the thrill you seek is a a near death experience- then take "heroic" doses of heroin.

4/ Riding on a bike is fucking amazing.
With the "death related" things out of the way, let's talk fun. A gentle (ie at or below the speed limit) cruise throught the hills or along the seaside road can be the most tranquil, yet intense experience you can have. A long sweeping turn at speed clears your mind and teaches you how to focus. Leaning into turns, the wind, the noise. It's pretty real. (gag all you like, it's true)

5/ I don't set out to scare people.
It's not my intention to scare people off a bike- it's to give them the insight into what it is they have been missing out on for all these years. I let my pillions set their comfortable level of intensity and pace- then occasionally give it a squirt. Or show that two wheels can be fun, one wheel fun-er-er.

Where we are going
After collecting Fits from her north of the Yarra abode and dressing her in a mix of fibreglass, kevlar, gore-tex, leather and so on; we'll cruise out on the eastern freeway to its end. We'll then twist and turn our way (no more than 60km/h) to Warrandyte. Then wind it up on the 80km/h roads to St Andrews.
Then we'll hit it a bit on the crazy, slow, twisty roads to Kinglake.
Then the faster sweepers and mixed tighter stuff to Healesville. Lunch.
At this point we'll either:
  • Go back the way we came
  • Go the Black Spur/Reefton Spur combo to Warburton then home
  • Go straight home
  • Drop Fits off at the bus stop with sick bag

It's an adventure, Fits. on ya hop. Throw a leg over.

See a scary video:
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Blogger Tuppence said...

You should do it, Fits.

I was shitscared about hopping on my friend's bike, but after a trip from Sydney to Bowral on New Years Eve my thoughts have completely changed. It was magic.

4/07/2006 4:59 pm  
Blogger groverjones said...

More reasons to do it:

Motorcycles are the best things ever.
That's not entirely true (love, red wine, Iggy at BDO etc) but they nearly are the best things ever, so you should go on one.

As my friends are all at pains to point out to me as I ride in gentlemanly comfort on my Triumph Sprint RS, Triumphs are old man's bikes, they are very slow and comfortable and will not break the speed limit. (Note that this may not apply to Thomas' Speed Triple, and I don't think it really applies to mine either, but my friends feel they know best!)

They vibrate and do nice things to your girly bits (again, so I am told.)

4/07/2006 5:21 pm  
Anonymous Non-anon said...

Just do it Fits. The man obviously has the skills. And he's got no intention of letting you get out of it.

And bikes DO do nice things to your girly bits. Speaking from experience.

4/09/2006 10:18 pm  
Blogger thr said...

thank you grover- spot on (and yes I am teh tom reynolds of Monash Uni radio 3MU "fame")

Mis anon at the end- dirty girl.

but true.

4/15/2006 7:32 pm  

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