Monday, March 20, 2006

Some photo blogging...

Some phone cam pics... with explanation:

The new Espy development. Horrifying. It is the size of a football field. But there's 10 stories of it. Horrorshow. How long after the new owners/renters move in will we see the first noise complaints about the Espy? "Oh they didn't say it would be THAT loud"

Mum's had her annual flood. This comes with many fun things for me:
  • Pulling up carpet
  • Removing carpet
  • Moving HUGE TV
  • Moving all contents of cabinets
  • Moving cabinets
  • etc
This year had the added bonus of painting the concrete floor to seal it in and putting castors on the bottom of her TV cabinet so that when the next (inevitable) flood occurs, it will be just very, slightly easier. Sheesh!

I entered my housemate Duncan in NOVA100's Nerd (man trip) competition. I did my bit by writing the application, wording Duncan up on what to say and then driving him in.

Needless to say, once it was his time to shine he screwed it up and stayed home for the weekend.

Reporting for 3AW from the World Superbikes at Phillip Island. Some pit gals. Whatever!

Yet another WONDERFUL St Kilda Sunset.

The triathlon at St Kilda. Miss Rachel refused to leave until the last Vanuatu competitor had finished. He high-5'd all who stayed till the end. NOTE Miss Rachel's all to tight GALLIPOLI top. She claims that's all the girls could buy. No wonder it's a bit of a mess over there around ANZAC day.

The Commonwealth games are on in M-town. Here's the Yarra river lit up in the games colours a coupla nights before the event.

Triathletes in the bike leg.

St Kilda foreshore about an hour ago. No one about- bit TV screen to ourselves. Why go the plasma?

Church st Richmond on a scooter doing my scooter story. Well put eh?

Marine Pde St Kilda- peak hour tonight. The men's cycling time trial is tomorrow. They've swept the road so no cars tonight. Amazing. A lone cyclist rode past- and I cheered him on and said "GO AUSTRALIA!" He got into it and waved whilst looking like a winner...
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Anonymous rich said...

Your pretty handy with the phone-cam Tom... what phone gives that sort of quality?

3/27/2006 12:14 am  
Blogger thr said...

It's a plain Nokia 6210- i think.

Anyway the trick is to upload using a card reader- not via emailing 'em to yourself...

That way you get them at best res. (don't forget to set cam to best res and quality)

And tehn keeo the lens claen and keep real freakin' still!!


3/27/2006 1:34 am  
Anonymous Waysel said...

it was a Soloman Island competitor....not Vanuatu

3/29/2006 1:08 am  

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