Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meanwhile, down in Tassie...

Much of Australia- and by now a fair prportion of the world- are waiting for two poor buggers in Brant Webb & Todd Russell- to emerge from their earthquake induced hibernation. Sadly, one of their workmates has already been found dead.

In the paper today it listed the items that have been passed through to the pair via a small pilot hole through to their cage/basket.

Vanilla flavoured Sustagen

Dry Clothes
Space Blankets
Spare batteries
Glow sticks
paper towels & plastic bags for hygeine

Family messages
Digital Camera
basic medical equipment

Why not a Blackberry so they can blog? If they could you might get this:
Day 4
Ipod arrived this morning, and I swear to God if he plays "Working Class Man" up loud and sings along one more time, they'll find a fat version of me with a pile of bones nearby. No jury would convict.
Read magazines again. According to them I'm a loving father and hero.
Well, if sitting in cave- covered in dust and smelling HIS farts every 5 minutes, then hell yeah- I'm a hero.
Played yet another game of eye spy. We have two versions now- dark and not dark. The dark version is getting a bit boring frankly. Here are the top 5 (in fact only four)
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with:
1/ D- Darkness
2/ B- Black
3/ N- Nothing
4/ F- Fuck-all (I'm pretty sure it's two words. We sent through a message asking for a ruling- one came back saying "Christ, fellas we'll get you out as fast as we can")
5/ don't have a 5th one"

Not dark:
1/ Y- You
2/ R- Rocks
3/ C- Cage
4/ M- more rocks (once again called for ruling- answer came back that they were redoubling their efforts to get us out)
5/ H- hole

Tried telling scary story (used torch under the chin trick) about the girl in the car with the boyfriend going off to find help only to have the madman on the roof with his head- etc. I told it well, but he pointed out that that it wasn't as scary as say, two blokes in a rock fall in a mine. I had to give him that one.

Wanted to post photo blog pic of our "house" but left the lens cap on. Took whole memory card of pics before I realised that. Bummed.

Tonight, to celebrate (though it may not be night and we may not actually celebrate) we are having a rave. The glow sticks are great and hopefully there will be anough room to do a bit of fire twirling. We've decided aginst telling the "surfos" (people on the surface) as they are not really all that understanding to be quite frank.

Cop ya later
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