Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It must be pod, pod, pod!

It must be love- love! love!

Shall I compare thine new iPod to thine one that hath passed over? No, for thine new one pwns the olde- as it should be, world without end,

I have a new iPod 60. As has Senor Cameron Reilly at TPN. We are happy in our little world of iPoddy goodness. We need no other sustenance. Ask the miners in Tassie. One day the truth will come out- they ONLY had iPods and survived on the life giving. I have a bunch of videos ready to watch when we go NYCing on Friday morning.

I love:
- The interface- COLOUR my lovelies!
- Video- 2 series of Lost. One Season of: Desperate Housewives, Everyone Hates Chris, Scrubs, House and other videos to boot.
- Leather case. Oh so chic.
- USB cables interface. Holy hell! No need for a damn slow-charging-bloody-annoying firewire.

And the new version of Sharepod (you Google it, I'm @ work and net access is near random) is just incredible. You can download to your iPod without Itunes and the best feature is the ability to upload songs from your iPod to any computer (backups of course). You can get Sharepod to upload playlists or the entire iPod and get the MP3 tag to name the file (and put it into a dir to boot) for you. It's just fantastic- tiny, tiny files that sit happily in the root directory of your iPod...

Speaking of Cameron Reilly, I will be on his G'Day World (once again Google it as I can't link from here) Podcast- talking about the Machinima 101 program @ ACMI (yes, Google that too). We're recording at 10 am and I will post the .rss feed address for your iTunes subscription. Cheers!
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Anonymous Waysel said...

OUR Ipod...or MY Ipod

5/09/2006 10:52 pm  

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