Thursday, August 17, 2006

KG Armstrong

I went to my Godfather's funeral today, and wish to post the next few items in his honour.

First up here's an email he sent after a dinner we had not so long ago. I tortured him by giving him "Halfway Around Oz" on DVD. His reaction to it was typical Greg- blunt, but right! He'd also read an article I'd written late last year for a bikes mag.

Dear Tom,

I greatly enjoyed seeing you and Krista last week after quite a long interval. Both Rosemary and I liked Rachel -- you have made a good choice!

I read you article and was amused at the way you catered to your audience. It was similar to the Performance Car of the Year articles. It makes the reader feel that he is a member of a gang/club/circle of friends hearing a tale about a couple of well known real characters in the club on a famous occasion. I also noticed your use of the present tense to give that feeling of "It's happening NOW!". I will post the magazine back to Coralie.

We watched your video of the big trip a couple of nights ago and enjoyed it. I was at times a bit frustrated not to know where you were, e.g. where did you cross the Murray on a ferry? It would have been helpful to show a map from time to time with your route to that point marked on it. I have absolutely no idea how you got from Kakadu to Cape York. I thought the speeded up shots of driving along a road or walking down a track went on a bit too long. Nevertheless, it was a really good effort -- certainly better than anything I have done -- it held our interest and attention throughout and often gave us a laugh. I think the length of an hour was about right.

I am attaching the section of my Memoirs covering the first half of my life. I would be interested in any reaction or criticism you may have, either as a journalist or as a person whose world overlapped with mine.



I'll be posting (after I get permission) a short excerpt from the memoirs he sent that includes a great story about Greg and my Dad- getting into strife- but living large n' loud.

They are both resting in the same cemetary today. Gerg's a little higher up the hill

I think he'd like that- and Dad would hate it. It amused me no end.
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