Thursday, September 07, 2006

What it means to be Australian...

I don't often blog long and hard about politics. I read a lot of politics websites- and occasionally comment there- but overall I feel politics online is, well, this.

Anyhoo, sometimes I feel that I need to make a public statement: I am opposed to the death penalty. In Australia the death penalty is not legal and has not been in use since Ronald Ryan was hanged in February 1967.

Today, it's not my intent to blog about the rights and wrongs of the death penalty- I have no interest in debating it. If you think state sanctioned murder is ok, then go here and chat to other circle jerkers.

What I have an issue with is the way the Australian Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police have masterfully run the issues surrounding the "Bali 9". I've blogged previously about his issue here, but my rage continues. At every stage, the Australian Federal Government have washed their hands of these poor fools. If an Islamic country was about to whip and Australian woman for baring her shoulders, the opinion pages would be full of outraged pollies, right-wing columnists and members of the public. But when it's about drugs, these clowns would happily see them hang/shot/tortured. These so called "liberals" are fair weather friends to the rules of law, evidence and fairness. It suits them no end to bail on David Hicks. Then it doesn't suit them when Jack Thomas isn't suitably clubbed to death in public. It doesn't suit them with Schapelle Corby, but it suits them with the Bali 9.

A word from a clown:

"The policy of our party in Australia is one of no death penalty and I support our policy but I am not critical of countries who apply the death penalty in areas such as drug trafficking," he said.


Read this and tell me the AFP have acted in accordance with the spirit of Australian Law. Legal? Probably... Moral? Not within a Bull's roar...

Minister: we'll back Bali nine - National - theage.com.au
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