Monday, January 08, 2007

Windsurfing Diary

Where? Elwood Beach
Weather? 22-30 knots south/south west
Using? 5.3sq m KA Kaos sail, Torquay 272 board
With? Donny Wooz, Toby, Matt, Carl, Rai, Ben, Morgs et al
For? 2 hrs
Rating? 4.5 out of 5
Why? Best day of the season- really consistent wind. I am finally getting to the bottom of what my new sail likes: lotsa down and out haul. New harness almost squeezed my kidneys out my ears. A Donny mod is called for!
Popped some big loops for the fans. A really big one out the back, mast tip didn't touch the water and I went right over it. One bail out sadly witnessed by almost everyone. I was rather stuffed after 2 hours- should have tried my new smaller board, but I'm getting old and I don't like new things.

In sad news, I discovered that my seven yr old Torquay board has gone soft under the rear footstraps. It's little wonder after the abuse I have heaped upon it. I am of a mind to get some expanding foam or epoxy and fix it. This board has been very good to me. In the seven years I've sailed it, I estimate the two of us (occasionally just the board on it's own) have done somewhere in the order of 3,000 forward loops. If you are wondering how tough that makes it consider this: I broke a custom board once on my very first loop. I broke a production board in about my 10th and a board I made myself on its first day out.

So, seven years and 3,000 loops is pretty damn impressive. I must post a pick of old yella...


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