Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strip club visits: Rudd regrets, Whitlam regales - theage.com.au

Strip club visits: Rudd regrets, Whitlam regales - National - theage.com.au:

"KEVIN has done it, not just once but twice, as he confessed last night. Brendan Nelson has done it, when he was 20. Alexander Downer says he has never done it when on official business. Tony Abbott won't talk about whether he's done it, because he doesn't want to fib. And nobody quite dares to ask John Howard whether he's been to a strip club."

"Nobody dares?" More like "No one gives a crap" If John Howard has never been to a strip club, then he ought to make a up a story that he has!

Me? Oh yes, I have been to the odd strip club. Twice this year alone. (once for MY bucks, once for Donny's). In fact I would like to confess here and now that I fell asleep during my last lap dance as I was "tired and emotional" That's how much I rate titty bars. Meh.

Political considerations aside ("Are the women empowered by the money and position they hold over the men?" vs. "Why do university student women with all those brains and education so often stoop top such a debasing job?" blah blah), if you are a group of 10 or so men, then best of luck getting into a bar/nightclub that isn't a strip club at 1am on a Friday/Saturday night.

I remember my old mate Dan Tehan's bucks night- we ended up in a strip club at about 1am despite trying to get into about 3 bars as a group and even failing when we broke up into groups of two. In the end we could either go to a gay bar or a boob bar.

Hey, what can I say, boob bar won out.

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Anonymous Doug said...

Never been to a house of ill repute before however I am looking forward in taking James when he comes of age.....Is that 13 or 14 yours old?

8/23/2007 4:56 pm  

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