Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok I give in. 25 Random things about me

I don't mind a good meme-ing. Off we go.
  1. My late grandfather was a war hero who went to his grave without telling anyone why he received his Militaty Medal. There is a book "Westralian Cavalry during the War" that outlines his citation. He had killed 6-8 men with a machine gun. Whenever he was asked why he got the medal he varied his answer between "for being the best looking bloke in the army" to "for marring your grandmother". The bond between us is strong, despite Tom Sarre having died when I was ten.
  2. When I was very young I was terrified of water. My mum was convinced Harry would be the same. To prevent this, I have taken him to the pool, in the shower and to the beach since he was born. He loves the water.
  3. Between the ages of 19 and 29 I weighed 72-74 kilos. Post knee reconstruction (which coincided with me getting a "real" job and giving up windsurfing instructing), I whacked on a lazy 25kgs. Losing them is proving harder than gaining 'em.
  4. Depite the fact that my brother and I argue like crazy (and as recently as 5 years ago had a punch up!), I miss him a lot. Now he lives in LA instead of NYC, I kid myself we will visit them more often.
  5. I am regarded as versatile. I like lots of things and I do a few of them moderately well. This has not led to fame and fortune, no matter what some people say.
  6. My all time favourite adventure was our motorbike trip around Australia. (note: I dropped 10kgs on that!)
  7. I can wheelie almost any bike- motor or cycle. I can wheelie my mountain bike until I am too tired to balance it, can wheelie a road bike like Robbie McEwen and got warned at Phillip Island for wheelie-ing down the straight at a track day at a tick over 200km/h.
  8. I did not walk until I was 18 months old as I had a four wheelie tractor that I could get anywhere on. I could drift it, trundle it and steer it better than I can drive today.
  9. My first dog was Boots. She was a muttley dog who was crazy smart, loyal and perfect as a first dog. When my Dad used to tell the story about how he took her off to have her put down, he cried. Every time.
  10. When I was 21, I went on a windsurfing trip to WA with the recently gold medalled "Oasrome Foursome". Hilarity, insanity and lifelong memories ensued.
  11. I started blogging in September 2003. I was, and am a crappy blogger. I rarely make enough effort and am in awe of those who keep it up.
  12. I've had quite a few girlfiends, but only one whom I actually depise. Yes, it's YOU.
  13. Like all new Fathers I was blown away when I became a Dad. I cried and cooed and felt 10 feet tall. Ask me if I feel the smame way at 3am when Harry has spat his dummy and is grizzling about it... The answer: HELL YES.
  14. My all time hero is Albert Jacka VC. Most people know nothing of him, and yet he is our finest war hero. He was mayor of St Kilda and when he died young at 39, his pallbearers were all VCs. As Christopher Bantick wrote of Jacka "Albert Jacka is the forgotten man of Gallipoli. The reason is clear. Jacka was an efficient if not legendary killer."
  15. In 2008 I took to gardening for the first time. Rach and I planted a range of veggies and what not. I set up a tank based watering system and we proceeded to kill 90% of the plants. We'll be back in 09/10!
  16. I used to subscribe to the Henry Rollins philiosophy of being "trained in mind and body". But I have let both deteriorate woefully. Sorry Hank.
  17. I once wrote a book about the years up to and just after my Father's death. But it was crap. It was good for me, but no good for the public. I deleted it from amy computer years ago with no regrets.
  18. I am currently at my career crossroads. I'm going to let the next few months just play out and see where I go.
  19. The first time I asked Rachel out on a date (to see a film) she said no. She didn't wasnt to see that film. I asked again weeks later. She said yes.
  20. My favourite all time test car was the Aston Martin DB9 Sport. It is simply perfect.
  21. One of my life goals is to break 40 knots on a windsurfer and 200mph on a motorbike.
  22. I think Denis Walter is one of the nicest, funniest people I have ever met. Or worked with.
  23. My camera was stolen at the 2008 F1 Gp and I cannot afford to replace it (Thanks Harry!). I love photgraphy and am becoming more and more depresssed about not having a digital SLR camera. I want a Nikon D90, but need to find a special project that provides me with additional funds.
  24. For many years I lived the mantra that there are no limitations and you can be anything you want to be. This lead me down a path of doing things just because I wanted to prove I could do them, not due to any particular passion.
  25. I would tag Rachel to do 25, but here's no way she would. So I am tagging no one.

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