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Epic Fail at Albert Park.

The following is the full presser from the Aus Raving cars race held earlier at Albert Park. What a screw up. 

28 March 2009

A communication issue has left half the Aussie Racing Cars on the form-up grid and out of race 2 today at the 2009 Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix.

Confusion reigned after the event as to the exact chain of events that led to only 17 cars starting the race while 15 were left behind with officials refusing them access to the track.

The issues are expected to be resolved in the next few hours but it is expected that the race will be designated as a non-event from a round and series points perspective.

What is not in dispute is the action that those 17 cars provided on-track as a reverse-top-nine format was implemented to beef up the action for the fans.

Maurice Masini was set to start from pole position with Tyler Owen next to him and Adam Gowans and Peter Carr on the second row.

As the field entered turn three for the first time a melee erupted after Peter Carr connected with the rear of Gowans Toyota Aurion, this set off a series of spinning cars as the field went in all directions to avoid the carnage.

Clews was an innocent victim but soon recovered to start picking off the competitors ahead.

Race 1 winner, Richie Rapa was a benefactor of the carnage as he drove through the gap and into the top three and proceeded to move into the lead early in the race.

"I knew that the guys would be pretty toey out there with the reverse-top-nine so I just held back in the first few corners," Rapa said.

"We had a good clear run and I was really happy with how the car was going."

Allan Simonsen forged his way to second place and began a race-long battle with Clews and Masini for a podium position.

"Obviously he (Clews) was coming pretty quick and I tried to drive defensively," Simonsen said.

"I thought I was pushing it as hard as I can but obviously not, it was a great race.

"You can't compare them at all really, I just jumped in for the first time on Thursday for practice and have not spent any time setting it up.

"The cars are easy to drive and great fun and you can really chuck them around on the track," he said.

The three exchanged places many timed before Clews was able to break a gap on the last lap and Simonsen was able to overcome Masini in the drag to the finish line.

David Lawrence threatened the top four but didn't quite have the speed to make the top three.

Many of the Masters Cup drivers didn't get to race but the three that did were Darren Chamberlin, Glenn McNamara and Shane Sullivan.

"There was no point pushing hard because I knew the others were not out there and it didn't seem to make sense to risk my car for effectively nothing," Chamberlin said.

The drivers that missed the race were:

Phi Ward, Kevin Smith, Garrett Halder, Dan Evans, Taz Douglas, Shane Wolki, Brendon Tucker, Rob Thomson, Darrin Masini, Michael Hovey, Tony South, Ruth Bowler, Adam Johns, Sheridan Phillips, and Grant Ludbey.


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