Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You'll get yours!!!

I may not have brought down a government, but I'd like to think I helped bring this guy down...
Media World pulls plug on inventor...
Adam Clark, inventor of the controversial Adams Platform Technology (APT), was yesterday sacked as a consultant and asked to resign from the Media World Communications board.

A report into the effectiveness of the video compression technology, considered at an MWC board meeting yesterday, concluded that APT failed to meet its claims under testing.

"Adam Clark is not able to demonstrate that APT is capable of producing compression of high-quality video down telephone lines," said MWC chairman Michael Ramsden.

MWC technical staff also identified several "anomalies", including the fact that the video file still played even after the APT computer program had been removed from the computer. The company, which is considering its legal options, has handed the report over to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It is believed the fraud squad has also been asked to investigate the matter.

Someone get a rope, gonna have ourselves an ol' fashioned lynching.

Tell you what people, I would like to put this little shit in the stocks so we could all go and "have a word".

He is not a young man who will do well in prison... boo fucking hoo

Read the official release- it's riveting
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