Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Finally, we head south. The bike is singing and the stuart highway with its unlimited speed limits meant we covered some big distances in quick time. For example: we nailed the 90 Kms from katherine to Mataranka in 40 Minutes. Smoking!
We hit 180 K's but this required full throttle and the bike just drinks like Carl at that pace. Have a video of us cranking along the highway, will upload it once home.
Mataranka has a wonderful got springs- about 30 degrees and feeds the RoperRiver and keeps it flowing even in the dry. I've been for yet another fish, with the same bloody result. Beginning to think that this might be a fish free journey. Bugger! About to get rachel to come for a swim and will try to get in a sneaky fish.
We've lightened our load by ridding ourselves of little used items and winter related stuff. We sent gloves, thermals, beanies and jackets to rachels aunt in Caloundra, QLD. We have ditched the five litre petrol can, the got plate and one hammock. (i am in my hammock as i write). We have gained a 15 litre collapsable water bag and a really cool solar recharger. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and provides enough power to keep the battery a ok despite running our tent lights, bed air pump and mobile phone charges. It can actually charge a mobile on its own. This purchase came about after the starter motor issue- i realised the a flat battery on flat, sandy roads could result in us being stuck. It also means i can stay up late reading with both flouro tubes on, without worrying. It still annoys rachel, but at least she wont be pushing the bike next morning.
We will have one more might here before going south to Daly waters, where we will finally turn east towards Cairns.
I am posting this via rachels mobile, so excuse the general punctuation and errant capitals.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee, after all this, you are still going to travel back to sunny Melbourne?

I would've thought that once you get a taste of the north there is no chance of coming back.

Rachel's Old man

8/17/2005 1:49 pm  

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