Thursday, October 20, 2005

Falconio case- how to get Murdoch off...

I studied about five minutes of law when i was at uni, but hell, I reckon I could do a better job than Bradley Murdoch's barrister.

Today The "missing" man's partner Joanne Lees was challenged to show how she got her hands (which were bound together behind her back) in front of her "so easily". She did a demo- and did it less than a minute. Christ, don't ask a question that has a potentially embarrassing answer.

How I would win

Eventually they are going to call Joy Kuhl to the stand:
Thomasr As Barrister (TAB): "Mrs Kuhl, you have been a forensic scientist for how many years?"
Her (Mrs Kuhl): "More than 25 years"
TAB: "More than 25? wow, you must have worked on some big cases"
Her: "I have"
TAB: "Some cases with a big media interest"
Her: "ummm, one or two"
TAB: "Lots of pressure to get a conviction in those cases is there not?"
Prosecution: "Objection..."
judge: "TAB, please limit yourself to this case...?"
TAB: "I assure you judge I have a purpose here"
Judge: "Continue"
TAB: "Mrs Kuhl- were you not the forensic witness in the Lindy Chamberlain trial"
Her: [tentative] "...yes?"
TAB: "And your evidence regarding the presence of infant blood in the Chamberlain car helped convict Mrs Chamberlain?"
Her: "There was other evidence..."
TAB: "But nothing as important?"
Her: "That's not for me to say"
TAB: "So you are saying that forensic evidence should not form the cornerstone of a case?"
Her: "It can"
TAB: "Mrs Kuhl, please tell the juryabout the infants blood in the Chamberlain car. What was it really?"
Her: "...a glue used in automotive manufacture, [gasps from galleries] but that was before we had DNA evidence"
TAB: "I put it to you Mrs Kuhl- you manipulated your results to get a conviction in the Chamberlain trial and you have really stepped it up this time by planting evidence in this case! Are the police pressuring you Mrs Kuh? Or is this a "nod, wink, she'll be right" sort of thing?"
Prosecution: "I really must object- not only is TAB calling into question the abilities and honesty of the witness, but of the whole NT police and judicial system"
Judge: [considers] "The witness must answer"
Her: [sobs] "no, ... never"
TAB: "you may step down..."

Lees shows court escape moves
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Blogger MrLefty said...

I imagine that's how they'll attack her evidence when it's given, yes.

10/23/2005 7:42 am  
Blogger Crystal said...

Pleased to meetcha rANT, I am the other linker to MelbUnderworldNews, and I too, treasure the memory of Ms Kuhl's forensic expertise. Her record keeping also - the envelope back with her vital notes which was simply discarded - the discarded notes responsible for Lindy doing time and having her next baby removed.
I wanna be Lindy's lawyer when Azaria comes out of the desert, 2m tall with white hair to the ground, with her pack of dingoes . . .

10/23/2005 1:43 pm  

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