Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There goes my bodyyyyyyy!

I am thirty bloody three year old, and I am showing it. My pursuit of many stupid/ radical sports has left me messed up and facing long term issues.
Here are a few:
1/ I can't really run long distances. While I can sprint when required, long distance running is out of the question. My right knee is almost entirely free of meniscus, and this allows bone on bone contact. Long term? Knee replacement before 50. Great.
2/ I have to be extra careful with my arms. While that sounds like the dumbest line ever, it's the truth. All my windsurfing in the 90's has stretched and screwed my elbows and forearms to the point of disaster. Two years ago I got golfers elbow after a single session of windsurfing while overpowered. It took 6 months to resolve, and every time I sail or exert myself arm-wise, I worry.
3/ I have no feeling in my right shin, the middle of my chest and my left hip. The shin was after my kneee reco- nerve got severed (I forgot to sue for that one!), my chest due to radically broken ribs and sternum and the hip due to a savage snowboarding accident (as pictured above)
4/ My collarbone rubs on my top rib. I have discovered, through much error (no trial), that when I break bones, they calcify, that is grow together in a big bump. As a result, my left collarbone is so big that when I shrug my shoulders (or similar) I get bone on bone rubbing. Soulds terrible too.
5/ My left hip has scar tissue and looks fat. That's my excuse.
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