Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fire in the Grampians

I'm in Wartook at my sister's place. There is a bush fire well on the way and we are staying to fight it- well, put out spot fires around the house.

11.30 pm ABC radio just informed us that the wind is now 30 kmh in Horsham- same here. It is
actually rather cool out in the open.When we look to the SE we can see the fire coming down the other side of the Asses Ears mtn.
It's about 5-7 km away. The wind will have slowed on the leeward side of the mtn- so I'm guessing it will get here in about 2 hours or so. I've been on the roof of the house with the video camera filming the fire with the night vision setting. When zoomed in you can see the fire front- spot fires appear ahead of the front and they are quite visible as the smoke has not had time to blanket the flames from our view. If there was no smoke this would look rather more threatening. James is off to bed to get some sleep. Rightly so- he was here at midnight last night and got just two hours sleep during the day. I'm well rested and will stay up till 3am as required. You have to go out and have a regular look at the fire, the house and have a "bit of a hose" from time to time. Krista is out doing a turn in the garden. I'm next. Thank God for the 4 litres of Coke I bought. The black Gold!
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