Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Zero to Nutty in 3 paragraphs- Letters - Opinion

- Letters - Opinion- The Age

I love this letter. It starts out edgy, then migrates to mad town. The last paragraph is just fantastic. ALL APPLAUD!

"Conceivable issues for women at war

RE 'Let women fight' ( The Age, 2/10). There is a slight problem with the Geneva Conventions, which were drawn up before affirmative action and equal employment opportunities existed. Females and transgender soldiers are not covered. China, Israel, Russia and Vietnam have scrapped their female combat soldier experiments.

Could the Government be sued by an offspring if a soldier, in the early stages of pregnancy, is bayoneted, blasted, gassed, inoculated or shot? Military medical personnel would have to carry out pregnancy tests before X-raying incoming casualties. Possibly females would have to be withdrawn from a combat unit after conception or sign a contract to the effect they will not become pregnant while posted to a combat unit.

Politicians should direct their legislative energies towards outlawing married soldiers and their partners from having affairs with other soldiers or their partners, as in the US. The current no-intimate-contact-on-military-duty policy does not safeguard soldiers from colleagues who are serial breakers of trust. This is a serious threat to military unit cohesion.
Chris Gardiner, Dundas, NSW"

Yes! Here's the campaign: "If ya wear army boots- no roots!"

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