Friday, September 07, 2007

Pass baton to Costello- Janet Albrechtsen

The Australian, News from Australia's National Newspaper:
Janet Albrechtsen, one of Australia's finest plagiarists conservative columnists, had the following to say about John Howard, just before she suggested he be boned. I will comment after this quote:

"THIS is one of the hardest columns I will write. John Howard has been the finest prime minister Australia has had.

He has overseen extraordinary economic success, created the conditions for a whole new class of aspirational Australians to prosper from the inevitable forces of globalisation, confronted the scourge of terrorism and has fundamentally realigned the political landscape in this country on so many fronts. Under Howard it became cool to be a conservative. He rebuilt a political philosophy of individual responsibility for a new generation. His legacy is profound. From workplace reform to welfare to indigenous politics, to our sense of national identity, Howard has changed the nation in a way very few leaders ever do. Each step rankled his opponents as they clung to old orthodoxies. Yet Howard, through sheer dint of character and intellectual fortitude, prevailed."

wait.... I was going to write a long break down of why a columnist this biased is a waste of space, but on re-reading her comments I vomited a little into my mouth and now need to go and spit this out and rinse my mouth with plutonium.

I am taking the Ms Fits option; do not engage an enemy that is so stupid and beneath you.


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