Thursday, September 23, 2004

... and you thought your life sucked

I have this nightmare where I am caught out in a lie, total naked-like. total disaster horror show. Nowhere to hide and .... oh it's awful... life ends as I know it.

Adam Clark is living this nightmare
Congrats to Fleur Leyden on her efforts in The Age. She has rightly kept on this, kept it in the public eye and I believe this has forced Media World Communication's hand.

They (Media world Comms) are now truly, utterly, completely FUCKED:
Media World Communications has appointed an administrator to manage its affairs, amid accusations from technology specialist The Tolly Group that it was deceived by Adam Clark about the effectiveness of his video streamlining technology.

...On Monday, Mr Clark was sacked as a consultant and asked to resign from the Media World Communications board, along with his father Graeme Clark.

Yesterday it emerged that the Clarks had refused to resign from the board and were still saying that the technology worked.

Adam reminds me of Hitler in his finals days (not in a Nazi sense, but rather in an inability-to-acknowledge-defeat sense). As the Russians were entering Berlin on one side, the Brist and Yanks the other, he was still insisting that the war was winnable.

Adam, son, white flag time. You. Have. Lost.

Media World calls corporate doctor
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