Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Last fuel stop before Hells Gates, Borroloola is not quite paradise.
click for full size. borroloola pub rules
While the caravan park was acceptable, the noise at night from the locals fighting and so on ruins it. Nuff said.

Though, once again, the fellow travellers make it worthy. I head off to the river for a bit of a fish. Arriving at the edge, I meet a nice WA couple who advise me they've caught 3 fish in 3 weeks. I decide not to fish and to pursue another passion of mine: chattin'.

I chat them near to death and then ride the 3 k's back to the camp, but not before inviting myself and Rachel back for coffee later. The WA folks are more than amenable to this idea.

the pair of us load up and arrive just on dark. They folks have their generator AND satellite dish going. I admire their determination to bring home with them, but am glad we are forced to travel light. They have cleverly placed two 60 watt lights outside their mozzie proof annex and this mean the annex is lit, but the insects are not trying to get in, but rather having their way with the lights outside. I file this idea away for future reference. We have coffees- real coffees as the peeps have a CAPPUCCINO maker! Using it requires the TV and fridge to be turned off- but the results show it's a worthwhile (temporary) sacrifice...

We head home about 9PM- straight to bed. It's just as well. The noise in the vacant land next door starts after the pub closes and continues until after 4AM.
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