Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Declare yourself

I'm sure this will simply add to a long list of similar cases, but I am heartily sick of newspapers publishing quasi press release materials in the letters section of their paper.
Today (Tues 25th Oct) this was published in The Age's letters page:

Hooked on roads

Patrice Le Miere of Mill Park Lakes can only hope to see his train line built when the Greens get Victoria's balance of power (Focus, 24/10). Transport Minister Batchelor and his bureaucrats, like the Coalition, only understand public transport that runs (infrequently, on incomprehensible routes and mostly empty) on their beloved roads, roads, roads.
Alison Clarke, Northcote

Now this letter had a very pro green bent. It also showed a high degree of knowledge about the Greens policies- making me suspicious... So I did a Google search of The Age's website using her name (FYI the search in this case is worded site:www.theage.com.au "Alison Clarke" )http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/07/04/1057179164764.html

Freeway approved, but fears it will play Merri hell with wildlife

July 5 2003
By Andrew Heasley
Transport Reporter
Environmental campaigners suffered a setback in the Federal Court yesterday after Justice Ray Finkelstein dismissed a challenge to the $308 million Craigieburn Bypass.
The federally funded freeway duplicates the last 17 kilometres of the Hume Highway into Melbourne, and will feed into the Metropolitan Ring Road. It is designed to alleviate the congestion on the Hume as traffic enters and leaves Melbourne's northern outskirts. The court decision gives the freeway the green light. A community group, the Friends of Merri Creek, and the Australian Greens, fear the road and associated pollution will be disastrous for the local flora and fauna, and could decimate populations, including the growling grass frog. Friends of Merri Creek president Max Sargent said it was a sad day for the ecosystem in the area, which included 250 native plant species and 180 birds and animals. "We are disappointed by the ruling because it clears the way for the destruction of the wildflower grasslands listed on the register of the National Estate," he said. He said improvements to public transport and improvements to the existing Hume Highway would have been a better alternative.
"We believe that neither the state nor the commonwealth governments properly considered this sensible, cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to a freeway through the grasslands," he said.
Australian Greens transport spokesman Alison Clarke said the outcome was "no comfort for the frogs".
The court found the Federal Government had adequately taken into account the Australian Heritage Commission Act.

Now if I can find out in one minute that Alison Clarke is the Greens transport spokesperson, why can't they? Why doesn't Alison Clarke declare her interest/position?
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