Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Australia won't see iPhone 'til 2008- just as well...?

Australia won't see iPhone 'til 2008 | APC Magazine:

"Salivating over the Apple iPhone announced by Steve Jobs this morning? Lick your chops and collect that drool - Apple Australia says it won't be available in Australia until 2008 -- at least a year from now.

Of course, that's not to say there won't be a healthy trade in black-market iPhones on eBay as soon as they're released in the US. Just don't expect to get them cheap."

So. Yeah. Whatever.

Important points about the Iphone:

1/ Support
In the event it is offered by just one carrier in Australia (I actually think that is unlikely, however) then Telstra is the obvious choice. For users- where will they go for tech support? Apple? T-Store? Call 125 111? (Telstra's general mobile help number). I blogged about these very issues back when I was at Telstra and no-one looked like they were going to work out a plan for these "hyper phones".

I'm almost certain that if you go to a T-store or call FOH and they suspect even for a moment that you are having non-network issues (ie your phone freezes when you play music etc) they you will bounced out of there so fast it will amaze.

It's tough on FOH people as they will be expected to be full on tech, sales, customer relations experts while being paid $35k and treated poorly by all- customers and management.

2/ 3G
The iPone does not support 3G and certainly not 3.5 (or Next G). This might be a barrier to Telstra selling Gen I iPhones, as they are very, very, very, very commited to Next G. Did I say VERY? Good. They are.

3/ Network Lock
Ouch. This might be a killer for Oz, so perhaps the iPhone will be sold here stand alone- no support for any network and :use at own risk" But that would create a new set of horror show problems.

In short, kick back and wait- and hope they introduce a lot of these features on existing iPods and we can forget the iPhone!


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