Tuesday, January 09, 2007

These grapes are making me sour....

A letter from yesterday's Age went as follows:
Playing for the team
WELL, John Buchanan, we have all heard your remarks about England's Kevin Pietersen not being a team player, but I think you need to look no closer than your own team. One run required in Sydney of Friday, two deliveries left in the over, no pressure, game's in the bag, Matthew Hayden facing and Justin Langer at the other end in his last Test. What do you do, play for yourself — or as a team player and play a straight bat, block and leave it to Justin?

Well, you decide, but I feel Hayden was very selfish in not respecting the importance of the occasion. Sad.
Beverley Sage, Hastings, New Zealand

So, essentially she's saying that Hayden was selfish and as Buchanan is coach, he bears dome responsibility.

Oh, wait a sec...

Langer (20 not out) was at the non-striker's end when Hayden clouted a six and a single off Sajid Mahmood to draw level with, then surpass, England's total. Theirs has been the most prolific opening partnership in the history of Australian cricket.

"I'm actually a little relieved it's over," Langer said at the conclusion of his 105th and final Test. "I feel exhausted, to be honest. Talk about perfect finishes; I said to Haydos in that last over, 'Mate, I'm getting a bit emotional out here'. I kept looking at the runs; we had seven to go. I said to him, 'How about a six and a one to finish it?'

"As he ran past Freddie Flintoff, he said, 'The little fella doesn't want much. He wants a six and a one to finish it'. The next thing you know — smack! Six, one and then you realise it's all over. That was an amazing moment in my life, really. In terms of a script, you probably couldn't have written a better one."

Oh noes!!! Maybe instead of sending letters/emails to Australian papers Beverley, perhaps you'd do better to read them? Here's what I think.


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