Wednesday, December 08, 2004

David Tweed is a C___!

Oh look, I am not given to using the C word at the drop of a hat, but David Tweed has form:
All that money and he still dresses like a fucking DORK. Look, I don't advocate violence, but if you see him riding his $200 bike about RUN HIM DOWN AND REVERSE OVER HIM TO FINISH THE FUCKING JOB! oh... that feels better..
The bicycle-riding Mr Tweed, who now lives in central Melbourne and shuns media interviews, has spent his adult life plumbing share registers for unwitting, often elderly, investors likely to fall for his scams.

Here's what he does:
David Tweed, aka Otmar Tschernitz, obtains a company's share registry, does a mass mail-out to its shareholders and relies on confusion and carelessness among many for acceptances. Many are unaware that the offers are far below the market price.

Tweed has also shown himself to be ruthless in pursuing shareholders who accept his offers to pay up. He has taken a number of elderly shareholders to court who have refused to pay after realising their mistake.

He's all class this boy...

The government have tried to stop him, but he is as cunning as a gutter rat- he now offers ABOVE the market price, but will only pay it to the share owner over 15 years- more than enough time for the discrepancy to be eaten. Add to this his tendency to go for older share holders who won't perhaps see another 15 years and WHAM a new scam...

The Age call him a shyster and know he won't sue- truth is still a defence!

I say he's C__T and I can prove it!

The Age- Shyster asrsehole, bastard...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW David Tweed is NOT Otmar Tschernitz he was formerly David Otmar Tschernitz

10/12/2005 2:22 pm  
Blogger thr said...

Don't tell me, tell The Age.

It doesn't matter what he was, it's what he IS that counts!


10/12/2005 2:25 pm  

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