Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Street drags claim more lives

Two more dead after street racing. This time in St Kilda. No suprises, but ignorant views from people who know a bit about cars and accidents but fuck all about youth culture prompted me to write this letter to The Age. See the article link for what happened and for the comment by Terry House.

Terry House of the of the Teenagers Road Accident Group [The Age 6/10] says that passengers should speak out when they are in a car with a dangerous driver.

The culture of the "Chapel st cruze" set does not include this sort of responsible beahviour. One must understand that the passengers are more often the reason the driver goes too far- be it showing off to mates or indeed reacting to encouragement.

Predictably, after an accident involving young drivers and their passengers, society points the blame at the drivers and heaven help the driver that lives when the passengers die. It is my belief that the blame should be shared when the same mindset is shared by all in the car. One nights passenger is the next nights driver.

Yes it is sad when these young fellas die. But to hang the driver is to assume the others were forced at gunpoint into the car. Hey you buy a ticket you take the ride.

If it wasn't dangerous, if there wasn't a chance they could die, they wouldn't do it.
The Age: St Kilda speed strip claims two young lives
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