Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh no you bloody don't!

The Age had the following story that left me HORRIFIED!
Motorcycle racing world champion Valentino Rossi has been linked to formula one icon Ferrari amid talk that teams will have to field three cars each next year.Click for fullsize

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo believes that Rossi, who is on his way to a fourth straight MotoGP world title, could team well with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

Talk about desperate! F1 is soooo damn boring that they have to look to other sports (as MotoGp essentially is) for personalities. Expect to see Dennis Rodman, Jason Akermanis, Barry Bonds, David Beckham and Brian Lara all try out soon!

Essentially F1's problems are:
  • Drivers have no personality.
  • The racing is too expensive.
  • Technology has killed "racing".
  • The owners have no idea how to make it interesting.

  • There is more passing and excitement in a lap of 125 GP racing than a year of F1. Seriously. To win in F1 you have to pit at a time that gives you clear track ahead, then lap consistently well until the next pit, at which time you might find yourself in the lead. Whopee do.

    If they want to make F1 intersting, here's thomasr's guide:
  • No pit stops for fuel. Shorten the race, increase the fuel loads so that its racing from go to whoa. If this isn't enough racing, then have two races per roud like in World Superbike Racing.
  • Financial cap akin to a salary cap in some sports.
  • Ditch Monaco. Nice place, shithouse race.
  • Include qualifying in the points for the round
  • Remove all electronic controls- in fact have regulated ECM and no other electronics permitted. No drive by wire, ABS, torque guages etc. As Jerry Burgess might say- put the throttle control at the drivers FOOT!

    Personally I see F1 just becoming a sport like horse racing,. An event, but not really for those intersted in cars. Motorcycle racing will continue to grow amongst officianados, but not the general public. Good. We don't need or want the ignorant fools that go to F1 if you ask me!

    The Age- Rossi to F1?
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