Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well there you go

Presently I find myself working for an institution that is beginning to feel like an institution- as in "boing boing nut nut". Walking downstairs and outta here to get a coffee as (once again) we are without milk for the appalling Nescafe Glen 20 coffee, I hear the sound of choir type singing.

The room the singing is coming from is open, so I naturally have a squizz. What I see gives me a cold shock. It's a bunch of charismatic God bothering Christians doing the Hillsong thing. The singing is rather good, but this does not mean I can stand the vision of them standing there, arms out in front with palms facing upward, eyes closed and doing the fucking "swaying" thing. The swaying thing where you impersonate Stevie Wonder physically while beng swept up in the majesty of God.

Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

So, as I go for my medium Latte/2 sugars, I ponder the God botherers and wonder how many are amongst us these days. Are they my doctor, lawyer, lolly pop lady? Given I make next to no use of these folk, we're pretty tickety boo. But what if it's my mechanic, tyre fitter etc. Shizer!

Rather than ponder this horror, I decided to look up "God Botherer" on Wikipedia: NO LISTING. In the event anyone wants to help, please leave in the comments. Not that anyone does, but please leave your definition of "God Botherer" and I'll make my first Wikipedia entry.

Current listing on Wikipedia
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