Thursday, February 03, 2005

thomasr's pic online...

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The Day After Last Night

After a wild ol' night. I awoke, had a bleary eyed look out over the bay and saw 4-5 foot swell rolling into St Kilda (and it's taken a huge chunk out of the Kerferd Rd Pier according to reports). I then noticed something floating merrily on the bay. See if you can spot it and then scroll down...
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Ghostly apparition?

A closer inspection reveals that a rather large (say 40 feet) yacht is off on a Marie Celeste-esque jaunt. the Water Police sent a boat out (after I called them) but I fear they sent a boy's boat on a man's mission. After circling it (and realising it was bigger than perhaps they had anticipated), they eventually towed it into Williamstown. I suspect said yacht came from Brighton or further south.

I even went on Jon Faine's morning radio show on the ABC to talk about it.

Yes, slightly bored and under utilised at the moment...
On a seprate note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil bro. Stephen Sarre reynolds turns 31 today, though in LA (he might be back in New York) it's still the 2nd of feb.

Stephen's blog (all done by me of course!)
Have a good one ol fella!

The Age- record rainfalls, chaos int eh suburbs and the roads...
ABC radio
The Age breaking news
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Eastern states cop bizarre weather...

If you rate 40+ knot weather in the street (what it's doing on teh water I do not know!) as bizarre, then yes, this is bizarre.

I opened our windward window for a secona dn now have a keyboard and sccreen totally wet.


Eastern states cop bizarre weather - Breaking News - http://www.theage.com.au
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This is why I have a swollen ankle, sore knee and stoked attitiude...
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's getting freakin' windy....

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I was just sitting near the dock of the bay- watching the messy 20-30 knot northerly blow its hot breath southwards when all of a sudden a cool change came through- 30 knots of it from the WSW and not a cloud in sight to warn us of its' approach. Amazing n'est pas?
I remember many of these changes from my windsurfing instructor days in the late 90s at Elwood beach. Often the wind would back to the SW with no warning- just like today. These breezes often hang on for a day or two- and certainly it means this evening promises to be fantastic for a windsurf/kite.
I am off for sure!!!
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30 knots of WSW comes up the bay
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View through the St Kilda Marina
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