Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First review for BikeAdvice.com.au

Just done my first review (with pics!) for BikeAdvice.com.au

See it here.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

How long to fix something simple?

One notable problem in large organisations is the lack of accountability and proactivity.

The Age's website is a case in point. If it was centralised and built on a better, more unifying platform with a single development team then maybe they would be able to fix the terrible, confusing template issues that plague the whole site.

Honestly, how long would it take a junior developer to fix the CSS for the letters page for example? How long does it take to add a <br> tag? (see image)

To the developers on The Age's website: where are the mavericks who get shit done? Why do you accept this state of play? When's the last time you worked back late to get something fixed- not built, but just fixed? Where are your bug reports? I hope you don't get tipped out during this global recession, because no one will think your skills and more imporantly your passion is up to scratch.

Oh and while you're at it, fix the bug that causes the site to crash iphones.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

#nbn - the National Broadband Network announcement...

This announcement has both the twittersphere buzzing and me marvelling this morning. As Internode's Simon Hackett said :

I'm gobsmacked. If they do what they promise, they've actually got it right, and we might just turn into a broadband front-runner country ten years from now... after all.

I've also supported the idea of the Federal Government building national broadband infrastructure. I'm not sure about the plan to sell it off again as I think a corporation owned by the government with subscription based billing to the telcos could not only sustain itself, but also account for future upgrades as well. Let's face it, the network we build today will not be the same one we are using in 50 years. We'll need to revisit this time and time again. Or we can set ourselves up for the longer term.

Hell, I might just go for a job there!

More details here

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Harry likes kitty

He's quite insane.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tom Reynolds to race Factory Honda in 2009 Motocross series

DSCN1896, originally uploaded by thomasrdotorg.

-------------PRESS RELEASE----------

Woodstock Thor Honda and Thomasrdotorg are pleased (some might say "fully stoked") to announce a one year deal for Melbourne motoring journalist Tom Reynolds to race in the factory Woodstock Thor Honda team aboard a special one off Japanese prepared CRF450X.

Team owner Yarrive Konsky: "After Tom's startling performances in last year's Dirt Bike Master's we were ready to look at a full year deal. His performances showed us we had found a rider for the over 50's. Of course he's 'only' 37, so that did make things a little difficult- but we'll sort that out in due course. All jokes aside, we were pleased with the races he competed in where he didn't crash- and that was a special one. The race where he crashed and broke two ribs showed us that he was a special rider. Very special. Of course at the time, we didn't know the full extent of the damage and we were very, very worried. It was only later we discovered that it was a triple clamp setup, a set of handle bars, a full set of plastics, an exhaust and two marshals."

Yarrive continues:
"After looking at the team members for 2009, it was clear we were going for a youth policy, so bringing Tom into the team will help to raise not only our spirits, but also the average age. We've gone from an average of 18 to 29 by adding just one rider."

Tom Reynolds:
"There will naturally be some people who see this as a decision that is not based around talent, but more around whether I can get Yarrive a drive in an Aston Martin for the weekend. The answer is yes; anytime Yarrive wants a drive in an Aston I can organise it for an hour or two."

While the deal has only just been finalised, Reynolds rejects any suggestions that he will not be fit enough for this weekend's opening round at Albury Wodonga. "I won't lie, at 37 it's a struggle to get to a racing weight and Honda have been very supportive by providing a rear suspension setup straight off a Gold Wing. Meanwhile I've been hard at it for months. I'm on a semi strict diet of hops, barley and wheat delivered by liquid infusion. In time I've been on said diet I've gone from 72kgs to a race ready 97kgs."

At time of writing, the final hurdle is an ASDA supervised drug test, due to be completed this afternoon 1 April 2009...


Woodstock Thor Honda regret to announce that Tom Reynolds has been released from his racing contract for 2009 effective immediately after failing a drugs test. Details at this time are sketchy, but it is understood that an excessive amount of oestrogen was found in his system, rendering him not only unable to compete in the men's division, but a threat to other team members safety.


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