Monday, December 31, 2007

Boring dad moment no 2

Following up my boring 1st post about the baby, here are some overly pixellated-only-a-father-could-love scans of junior from this morning.

We saw wriggly little feet and hands. Was awesome!

158 days to go

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We are having a baby

You read that right people.

This blog post was started back in the earliest days of Rachel's pregnancy, but as we needed to make it to at least 12 weeks before we made any announcement, I decided to keep this as a a draft until it was time.

Monday 19th November.

Rachel had some interesting news this morning. She has a faint, but likely positive pregnancy test. She read the instructions and thinks she may not have done it right.

As I know nothing of these tests, I assume it's false. Their accuracy is unknown to me. (99.9%)

Tuesday 20th November
Well little one, seems you really are there and I really am to become a father. WOW!

Two tests, done properly and two strong positives. Holy crap. I'm not freaking out, I am just excited. Your mother is going to be pissed- she wanted to have a few drinks all over Xmas and her 30th birthday promises to be a quiet affair. I think she's cool with it on balance.

...of course she's not really cross- she's all a glow. I get her to come in and meet me and I took this picture. Now might be a good time to mention that I am a sentimental softie at heart and I cried a little with happiness. Your mother laughed at me. You'll discover that she does that a lot.
See how happy we are? Your mother is but 5 weeks pregnant at this time. You are the size of a pea, about the same size as your father's brain.

Regarding the photo, don't freak out about the mo'. It was NOT the fashion at the time, it's just I was raising funds for Movember- a charity aimed at (amongst other things) eradicating the cancer that took your grand dad. Don't sweat about not meeting him BTW- he's just like your dad, only older.

Friday 13 November
Today your mum went to the doctor's for the first time. He took some blood, lectured your mother about her drinking (I made that part up) and told her that the results won't be back 'til next Wednesday, but three positive pregnancy tests from two different brands is good enough for him. He tells your mum congratulations and she calls me straight away. I suppress the urge to have a another cry as I have eight months of occasional cries ahead of me and I think I might try pacing myself. For once.

She sent me the following text:
no fish more than once a fortnight!!!!, no soft cheese, no sushi, no cold cut meats...no drinking...my baby is going to starve!!!
You won't starve, I promise. By that I mean I won't personally find food for her, but rather I know your mother well enough to know she will find food- and lots of it.

So after leaving to doctors your mum freaked out and went straight to the shops for some retail therapy..she did manage to buy a book "What to expect when you are expecting"

But mostly she bought clothes for herself... while she could still fit into them.

We have decided to tell the family at Christmas, and announce to the world in January sometime. You will only be 11 weeks at Christmas, but your Aunt and Uncle will be here and this will raise the roof!

As is the family tradition, we have given you a pregnancy name. We have a budgie called Wudge and you are called Budge. Don't panic, it won't stick. You will get your own name in good time, and I will find a stupid variation on that name to call you. It's what I do.

Oh and for the first time your mother used you as an excuse today. She wanted a new toothpaste tube as the old one was almost empty. She said "The baby wants me to have a new tube"

7.5 loooong months to go.

Monday 26 November
We had a very relaxed weekend and talked about our plans for the future. Your mother will stop work in June and take 6 months maternity leave, so guess who has to work like mad?

Yo, Daddy does.

Your mother is ready from the pregnancy book, usually just highlighting bits like "your partner should do half the work" and "If the father gives up alcohol as well, it will make the journey easier". Well that's crap, how will I cope with Mrs Crazy Hormones huh? So now, as soon as I hear another quote coming from that damnable book, I switch off and play Xbox.
I might also add your mother has latched onto a quote that says "even when inactive, just being pregnant is the equivalent of mountain climbing every day" She has taken this as as fact and now has a nap. When I ask her about this nap she is using you as an excuse "the baby wants me to have a nap". Hell, *I* want her to have a nap, it stops the quotes from the baby book coming thick n fast.
All this aside, we are very happy and very much looking forward to your arrival. I was waaay cluckier than your mother, but the flood of hormones has sent her past me in a big way. It should be quite wonderful, but weird.

Friday 13th December
Yes little one, it has been a few weeks since an update so let's do that quickly:
  • You have given your mother morning sickness. Not vomit-y bad, but "I iz siiick" bad. Cure: Vegemite toast made by Dad at 7am. This must be buttered and "vegemited" while it is still hot or all hell breaks out.
  • You had your first photoshoot this morning. It was entertaining as your mother had to be up at 6 am for wee, followed by the consuming of a litre of water. She was hell busting when we got to the ultrasound place. I enjoyed it no end, nearly another cry, but I saved it as I wanted to enjoy the moment. The moment I wanted to enjoy was the look on your mother's face as she tried not to wee while the ultrasound was being run over her stomach. Yes, we have a strange relationship.
  • We saw your heart beating. Mine jumped. It was sublime.
  • We told your maternal Grandmother. 5 minutes of squealing noises ensued.
  • We're telling my family tonight. They will act excited I am sure.
Right so there's that done. We've locked in all other details: you have an obstetrician, hospital (frankly I am looking forward to the double bed and pay TV more than I ought) and we even looked at baby capsules and related. I want a Formula 1 style baby car seat, but apparently you have to be able to hold your head up and stuff before you can go in one. Your mum is looking out for you on this score junior.

I'm very excited still. Let's see how long that lasts...

December 25th 2008
The day we tell everyone.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elwood sailing day 22 December

Love to tell all about our day out sailing, but knackered. To Donny, Tony, Duncan, Ben & Paul; well played.


thomasrdotorg's Windsurfing photosetthomasrdotorg's Windsurfing photoset

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best of the Brat Final

Best of the Brat Final, originally uploaded by thomasrdotorg.

I went to Best of the Brat's last show before Ms Hardy moves to Sydney. It was a blast, ruined only by the incessant talking coming from the stage

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm reading Brett Easton Ellis again...

I'm reading Brett Easton Ellis again and his style is so unmistakable that at once I find myself able to write and indeed talk as if I am a much lesser version of said writer.

It was such a disappointment to me when Marieke Hardy reviewed American Psycho and hated it so. Perhaps Jennifer Byrne's love of AP filled the void for me, I can give it no more thought than that. So here I am 30,000 feet up writing a blog post on my iPhone- could I be more postmodern?

No, the answer is none more post modern.

I'm sitting in the exit seat. I am in this seat due to one reason- they asked me and I accepted. At first I thought it was due to my 190cms of glory, then I thought it might be due to my firefighter physique and style. Then I get to my seat and there is a short middle aged woman in the window seat.<
br>Perhaps it was one of those random acts of kindness you hear about.
All I know is it had nothing to do with me...
Til later


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Past, meet future...

On noes, they be replacing me!!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Evel Knievel RIP

When I was a kid, Evel was THE MAN.

One Christmas, Santa brought me the Evel doll and motorbike, complete with jump ramps.

The bike had a rip cord AND gyroscopes inside it so it could wheelie like a real bike.

I loved that thing so much. Years later, Mum told me Dad and a friend of his were playing in the hallway (probably half cut) with Evel on Christmas eve. It was that cool a toy.

So, it's sad to hear he has died. RIP- you legend.

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