Sunday, October 30, 2005


I should be out enjoying this:

But instead I'm playing
this, with this idiot.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Declare yourself

I'm sure this will simply add to a long list of similar cases, but I am heartily sick of newspapers publishing quasi press release materials in the letters section of their paper.
Today (Tues 25th Oct) this was published in The Age's letters page:

Hooked on roads

Patrice Le Miere of Mill Park Lakes can only hope to see his train line built when the Greens get Victoria's balance of power (Focus, 24/10). Transport Minister Batchelor and his bureaucrats, like the Coalition, only understand public transport that runs (infrequently, on incomprehensible routes and mostly empty) on their beloved roads, roads, roads.
Alison Clarke, Northcote

Now this letter had a very pro green bent. It also showed a high degree of knowledge about the Greens policies- making me suspicious... So I did a Google search of The Age's website using her name (FYI the search in this case is worded site:www.theage.com.au "Alison Clarke" )http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2003/07/04/1057179164764.html

Freeway approved, but fears it will play Merri hell with wildlife

July 5 2003
By Andrew Heasley
Transport Reporter
Environmental campaigners suffered a setback in the Federal Court yesterday after Justice Ray Finkelstein dismissed a challenge to the $308 million Craigieburn Bypass.
The federally funded freeway duplicates the last 17 kilometres of the Hume Highway into Melbourne, and will feed into the Metropolitan Ring Road. It is designed to alleviate the congestion on the Hume as traffic enters and leaves Melbourne's northern outskirts. The court decision gives the freeway the green light. A community group, the Friends of Merri Creek, and the Australian Greens, fear the road and associated pollution will be disastrous for the local flora and fauna, and could decimate populations, including the growling grass frog. Friends of Merri Creek president Max Sargent said it was a sad day for the ecosystem in the area, which included 250 native plant species and 180 birds and animals. "We are disappointed by the ruling because it clears the way for the destruction of the wildflower grasslands listed on the register of the National Estate," he said. He said improvements to public transport and improvements to the existing Hume Highway would have been a better alternative.
"We believe that neither the state nor the commonwealth governments properly considered this sensible, cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to a freeway through the grasslands," he said.
Australian Greens transport spokesman Alison Clarke said the outcome was "no comfort for the frogs".
The court found the Federal Government had adequately taken into account the Australian Heritage Commission Act.

Now if I can find out in one minute that Alison Clarke is the Greens transport spokesperson, why can't they? Why doesn't Alison Clarke declare her interest/position?
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Falconio case- how to get Murdoch off...

I studied about five minutes of law when i was at uni, but hell, I reckon I could do a better job than Bradley Murdoch's barrister.

Today The "missing" man's partner Joanne Lees was challenged to show how she got her hands (which were bound together behind her back) in front of her "so easily". She did a demo- and did it less than a minute. Christ, don't ask a question that has a potentially embarrassing answer.

How I would win

Eventually they are going to call Joy Kuhl to the stand:
Thomasr As Barrister (TAB): "Mrs Kuhl, you have been a forensic scientist for how many years?"
Her (Mrs Kuhl): "More than 25 years"
TAB: "More than 25? wow, you must have worked on some big cases"
Her: "I have"
TAB: "Some cases with a big media interest"
Her: "ummm, one or two"
TAB: "Lots of pressure to get a conviction in those cases is there not?"
Prosecution: "Objection..."
judge: "TAB, please limit yourself to this case...?"
TAB: "I assure you judge I have a purpose here"
Judge: "Continue"
TAB: "Mrs Kuhl- were you not the forensic witness in the Lindy Chamberlain trial"
Her: [tentative] "...yes?"
TAB: "And your evidence regarding the presence of infant blood in the Chamberlain car helped convict Mrs Chamberlain?"
Her: "There was other evidence..."
TAB: "But nothing as important?"
Her: "That's not for me to say"
TAB: "So you are saying that forensic evidence should not form the cornerstone of a case?"
Her: "It can"
TAB: "Mrs Kuhl, please tell the juryabout the infants blood in the Chamberlain car. What was it really?"
Her: "...a glue used in automotive manufacture, [gasps from galleries] but that was before we had DNA evidence"
TAB: "I put it to you Mrs Kuhl- you manipulated your results to get a conviction in the Chamberlain trial and you have really stepped it up this time by planting evidence in this case! Are the police pressuring you Mrs Kuh? Or is this a "nod, wink, she'll be right" sort of thing?"
Prosecution: "I really must object- not only is TAB calling into question the abilities and honesty of the witness, but of the whole NT police and judicial system"
Judge: [considers] "The witness must answer"
Her: [sobs] "no, ... never"
TAB: "you may step down..."

Lees shows court escape moves
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Our landlord has kindly decided to sell our bayside perfection from under us.

Rachel spotted this on the billboard out the front:

Look, when Rachel spots a typo, you have really screwed up...
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Laughing with, not at

Tonight my dear mother tricked me into going to what I thought was a performance but turned out to be a rehearsal of my niece (and others) playing cello.

The hardest part was not falling asleep, but rather not bursting out laughing at wrong notes.

Now I know this is wrong, Sister Krista knows it's wrong, and mommie dearest knows it's wrong.

But we sat there silently chewing knuckles, lips and anything else we could find to stifle a guffaw. It was awful. Not all the little girls hit wrong notes, but sometimes when they missed it, it was by miles. Painful.

Here we are giving it a shot:

Here is Krista and mother trying their best not to lose it:

And lastly my niece Kashi about to play. Few bung notes, but nothing that made my eyes water like some of the other performances:

After it was over I said "I haven't cried like that since Dad's funeral..."
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tiger Hoffs

Hoffy Hitter
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MotoGP weekend: Kid in a candy store.

UPDATE: Extra photos added..
Asked some months ago whether I would be interested in "doing a few comments"* for "some radio station" by RAPID magazine editor Jeff Ware, I naturally said yes.

The station turned out to be Melbourne's 3AW, the highest rating talk station in Melbourne. I was to provide an undisclosed/undecided/unknown amount of "expert"* input to the event.

Much. Research. Ensued.After establishing who was who via many emails to and from the 3AW crew, I was then asked to do a segment on 3AW's "Sports Today" show with Gary Lyon and Dwayne Russell. I personally thought this went fairly well- though my sister did SMS me to say "good- but S L O W it down a bit." Done!

On the Friday, more research and checking and so on. Ready? Maybe.

Heading down to Phillip Island on Saturday morning with Mr Tricky - in a van instead of riding- I had to do some rather annoying ringing around once I had established that I did not quite have all the media accreditation that I thought I had.

On arrival I find, much to my relief, everything sorted. A green media pass, car pass and media kit ready to go.

The media area was, given I have no benchmark, huge:

MotoGP press room

While 3AW were not broadcasting from the Island itself until Sunday, they asked me (during the series of calls on Saturday morning) if I could do a cross to the Saturday Sports show at about 5:30. I spend much of Saturday analysing results, comparing times, temperatures and ...other things. In the end, their regular sports reporter does the crosses, but the information I had gathered would prove invaluable on race day.

I see a lot of motorcycle racing legends during the day: Randy Mamola was a favourite and of course this bloke:

I think his name is Mick Doohan. Probably.

Saturday night is rather restrained. I'd had a big night on Friday, so after Pizza and a few beers, Tricky and I retire about 11pm.

Sunday dawned in a picture of rare perfection- a cold night, but the air was clear, sun out and little breeze. Bacon n Egg roll with a coffee, zoom out to the track, walk around like I own the place. Morning warm ups vs Grid position comparo done, I meet up with 3AW hosts Clinton Grybas and Dwayne Russell along with producer Mark Davidson and Bob the techie.

The Kawasaki girls were extremely well mannered and knowledgable. Like it matters...

At this stage, I was non the wiser about what or when I was doing things. We sort out that situation and at 12pm the boys hit the air. The 125s were busy running about while the 3AW lads do their opening segments.

The 250s are well featured as Aussie Casey Stoner is shooting from pole position for a shot at the title. Three races left, 26 points in arrears. I get lots of on air time for the start and then, on lap four, Casey falls off. I'm lucky enough to be watching the monitor at the time and am able to give a blow by blow description of the incident.

I then do a runner into the pits where I bump into Honda factory Rider Josh Brookes. (who got punted off the track by a repentent Mr Krusty Fergusson the day bedore) After introducing myself and I then do my first ever live cross and interview on air. It goes well, with Josh offering us insight into the corner where Casey went rubber side up. I know the corner well myself and we hopefully put across the story well.

In the break between races, I wander about to see where the riders will be and where I might be able to get interviews afterwards. I meet some girles:
pit ladies of the day

I then bump into a famous rider (tm) and the the following takes place:

Me to 1987 World Champion and Fellow RAPID contributor Wayne Gardner: "Hi Wayne, I'm Tom Reynolds, I'm the new contributor to Rapid..."
Wayne: "Yeah, I know... I recognised you. Good job"
Me: "...!"

So naturally I ask if we can get this:

Wayne Gardner and self!

...and we do. We agree to catch up later. Sadly I am too busy for the champ. I'll get my people to call your people...

I have just enough time before the race to sneak out and get a look at the riders doing their parade lap. Camel Honda team "guest" rider, Aussie World Super Bike rider Chris Vermuelen (replacing injured fellow Aussie Troy Bayliss) was hopping into a car right under me. "CHRIS!" I call out, while giving the thumbs up, while aiming my camera at him. I get a thumbs up in return:

hey Chris! I get the thumbs  up

Krusty Fergusson- click for profileNew best mate and other factory Honda rider Adam "Krusty" Fergusson joins us in the commentary box for the MotoGP event. We're going to cover the race end to end - no ads nor news break. It's very exciting as a race- and exciting for me as I get to sit in and continue to offer my "insights"*.

The race starts and we bounce around madly, me offering insightful comments*, Krusty telling us technical and rider info with Dwayne and Clinton doing an excellent job all round. It's good stuff, and really, really good fun.

Wayne Gardner and Jerry Burgess
The race ends, and I get out 'n about with the radio mic. I see Yamaha chief mechanic and genius Jerry Burgess (pictured right with Wayne Gardner) and ask for an interview. He agrees. We go on air and he kills me. I get a stat wrong and he pegs me for it. He's good, but I can't get anything out of him. I join a loooong list of other people who have interviewed Jerry to no avail- but I'm not done yet.

Chris Vermuelen has placed 11th, after getting as high as 10th. It's a pretty good result for a rookie.

Vermuelen racing.

I lurk around trying to get something going. Casey Stoner has done his one and only interview for the day, so I'm fresh outta luck. Running, running, running.

Thomasr off to find an  interview

I manage to get someone from the Camel Honda squad and ask if I can interview Chris. The big radio mic with 3AW across it opens doors. It's remarkable. I get shown right into the pit (after dragging my "assistant" Tricky along). Fortunately, the radio mic coverage is appalling in the metal roofed pit, so we head outside. I tell them I am ready, the interview commences and away we go:

Vermuelen laughs at my all round hilarity

I think the smile is in response to me saying "I think the uniform suits you. Wear it next year..."

A crowd begins to gather when they see Vermuelen. I sense this, and so at the end of the interview I say words to the effect of "I'm sure everyone here joins with me in congratulating you on your efforts ... Everyone?"

A huge cheer goes up, I cross back to the studio to Clinton saying "Great stuff" I'm stoked, the 3AW crew is stoked, Tricky thinks it's my finest moment and I fell pretty fine too.

Vermuelen and I with a  gathering crowd

Crowd gathers, thomasr seconds away from getting them in on the action.

The last act is a beauty. We go upstairs, I walk straight into Rossi's longer press conference and take the following pic:
Rossi's press conference
I consider asking a question, but, frankly can't think of one. I just sit there and enjoy it.

The interviews over, Rossi starts signing a few posters. I slap two copies of the latest RAPID down (with my article in it!) and Rossi signs 'em both. ZING!

Tricky gets inspired and attempts to get Rossi to sign the cast he currently has on his arm.

You decide how that went....:

Tricky makes a  clown of himself


Interviews and goofing off done, we hit the car park, the road, Cranbourne and beyond. Three hours to get home.

Still buzzing a day later!

* Making stuff up
Some pics courtesy of MCNEWS.com.au Much thanks
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The T-Hoff-asr

In honour of the great man coming to Oz I hoffer the following:

Howard and Hofftello:

The CastleHoff:

Mad Hoff:
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Monday, October 17, 2005

WHO warnes us about a flu pandemic?

WHO warns of bird flu pandemic
By Colin Nickerson

THE outbreak of bird flu that has now reached Europe could mutate into a human pandemic claiming millions of lives worldwide, a top influenza expert at the World Health Organisation has said.

WHO's influenza program director, Klaus Stoehr, told German NDR radio at the weekend that until now humans had remained largely resistant to serious infection from the virus.

Costello: Well then WHO's gonna warn us about the Flu?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: I mean the organisations name!

Abbott: WHO

Costello: The group that will warn us.

Abbott: WHO

Costello: The World Health Organisation

Abbott: WHO

Costello: The group that manages world health issues

Abbott: WHO does that

Costello: I'm asking YOU WHO does it.

Abbott: That's the groups name

Costello: That's WHO's name?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: Well go ahead and tell me.

Abbott: That's it.

Costello: That's WHO

Abbott: Yes.

The Age- WHO warns of Flu pandemic
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Thursday, October 13, 2005


"...it's your birthday... try to enjoy yourself Boltsy..!"
"I can't... your tits look like they go left.."
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Boltrix

As part of my ongoing edifying of The Genius of Bolt, I offer the following:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There goes my bodyyyyyyy!

I am thirty bloody three year old, and I am showing it. My pursuit of many stupid/ radical sports has left me messed up and facing long term issues.
Here are a few:
1/ I can't really run long distances. While I can sprint when required, long distance running is out of the question. My right knee is almost entirely free of meniscus, and this allows bone on bone contact. Long term? Knee replacement before 50. Great.
2/ I have to be extra careful with my arms. While that sounds like the dumbest line ever, it's the truth. All my windsurfing in the 90's has stretched and screwed my elbows and forearms to the point of disaster. Two years ago I got golfers elbow after a single session of windsurfing while overpowered. It took 6 months to resolve, and every time I sail or exert myself arm-wise, I worry.
3/ I have no feeling in my right shin, the middle of my chest and my left hip. The shin was after my kneee reco- nerve got severed (I forgot to sue for that one!), my chest due to radically broken ribs and sternum and the hip due to a savage snowboarding accident (as pictured above)
4/ My collarbone rubs on my top rib. I have discovered, through much error (no trial), that when I break bones, they calcify, that is grow together in a big bump. As a result, my left collarbone is so big that when I shrug my shoulders (or similar) I get bone on bone rubbing. Soulds terrible too.
5/ My left hip has scar tissue and looks fat. That's my excuse.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Colin Edwards Grid Girl Shootout at Goldfingers in Melbourne on Tuesday night

You have GOT to be joking.

I'm almost tempted.

Holy hell, what am I thinking?

Colin Edwards Grid Girl Shootout at Goldfingers in Melbourne on Tuesday night
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Never too old or slow!

Forward Loop, 13th Beach, Barwon Heads, 8th October, 2005.

In a past life, I was a reasonable windsurfer. Never great, but pretty good. I began teaching for RPS The Board Store, then progressed to become a Master Instructor, then retired from the teaching caper to just try and enjoy it all again. I don't sail as much as I should, but summer is around the corner, and I'll be back out there again.

The trick you see above is one I have been doing for nearly 13 years. When I first started nailing forawrds, I was King O The Kids. Nowadays it's a bit old hat. There are variations and add-ons and spinny moves that I am never ever going to do. As Wooz would say "You can't beat a big end over forward".

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Corser back on top of the world!

The younger bull turns to the older bull and says, "Look at all those cows. There are hundreds of them down there just begging to be serviced by a bull such as I. Let's run down into the valley and begin production on a few of those heffers..."

The old bull smiles and turns to the young bull and advises, "Let us walk down young man and not just service a few but the whole herd!"

Hooray for old Bulls and 33yr old racers!!
IT'S not unusual for world champions to go back-to-back or even win three titles in a row in motor sport. But Australian Troy Corser has proved that age has not wearied him by taking out the World Superbike Championship nine years after he won his first world crown, in 1996.

Corser back on top of the world - Motorsport - Sport - theage.com.au
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Extremists targeted in Bali raids - War on Terror - Features - In Depth

Condolonces to all affected by the bombings.

Stupidity raises its' ugly head:
Hidayat Nurwahid, chairman of Indonesia's Parliament and leader of the major Muslim political force, the Prosperous Peace and Justice Party, blamed the bombings on rivalry within the tourism industry.

People do not go on SUICIDE bombing missions against a rival tourist operator.

Extremists targeted in Bali raids - War on Terror - Features - In Depth
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Monday, October 03, 2005

I know what you are getting me for Xmas

Maybe this:

or this:

Red Vs Blue I LIKE ME (BLUE)
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Q: How will this end?

Old uni amigo, radio compatriot and all round nice guy Mr Cos takes more digital camrea pics than I take second looks at women.

Here's a recent one that caught me eye:

That Cos!
Copyright Andrew J Cosgriff
48586023_ed4636c3bb.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x333 pixels)
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