Saturday, November 24, 2007

News from the election


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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Election 2007

Tomorrow is the Australian federal election, and while I have been known to spout my political views in public forums from time to time, I have not done so as part of my media career as there is no place for it.

As a result, this blog has steered clear of politics also.

But today I feel compelled to sing:

Hat. Hurry. Door. Arse.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rachel's new scooter

As is her rightful wish, Rachel will soon be the owner of a new Bolwell Euro 150 scooter.

Here's the info

Here's the scooter itself (not another one, but the actual scooter!)

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Very soon it will be mine...

Oh yes baby

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

My new hero

Lord Paul Drayson:

With a seat in the House of Lords, a biotechnology fortune in the bank and good sight in just one eye, Paul Drayson is an unlikely candidate to become Britain's next motor-racing hero. But yesterday the 47-year-old minister for defence equipment and support wrote one of the most unusual resignation notes in political history and told Gordon Brown he was standing down to pursue his dream of winning the Le Mans 24-hour motor race.

More here

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Beersheba captured- 90 years passed.

It's 90 years since Beersheba was captured from the Turks by the Allies. It was an important turning point in the war, and of course the site of the 4th Light Brigade's famous cavalry style charge. More about he campaign here.

On the night of 30-31 October about 40,000 allied troops moved towards Beersheba, including units of the Desert Mounted Corps, about 15,000 men, under Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel, in a night march of nearly 30 miles. On the morning of 31 October the British 60th Division attacked Turkish positions around Beersheba. The infantry made steady progress but by late afternoon had still not secured the wells in the strongly defended town, which were vital for the welfare of the Mounted Corps’ horses, many of whom had been without water for several days. Chauvel decided to send in the 4th Light Horse Brigade, under Brigadier General William Grant, with the words, "Put Grant straight at it".

I've blogged previously about how my Grandfather Thomas Hugh Sarre was a Light Horse trooper, how he was wounded and how he was awarded the Military medal. I also turned up this photo in a search of the Australia War Memorial database:

Some other info about Trooper T H Sarre:

Thomas Hugh Sarre

Thomas Hugh Sarre was awarded the following honours:

Military Medal

Service Number
10th LH
First World War
Date of London Gazette
3 July 1919, page 8357, position 91
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette
17 October 1919, page 1531, position 35
It Remembrance day this weekend.

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Courage; defined.

Courage is not about being tough when you have no choice, it's about doing something dangerous when you do have a choice.

Just watch the first minute of this and consider what is required- physically and mentally.

Travis Pastrana. Legend. Madman.

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Pic Post 2: Rally of Melbourne- my ride

With Adrian Rowe in tow, we went up to the Toolangi state forest for a visit to the testing site for the Rally Of Melbourne where Neil Bates took me for a wild ride in his Toyota Corolla S2000 class rally car. I have been in cars with several race drivers and I have never, ever seen a driver as busy as a rally driver. Sawing the wheel back and forth like Mr Miyagi's "wax on wax off" scene and more toe tapping than a blues gig, it's a busy office for the rally folk.

I would hasten to add, that until you experience travelling through the bush at warp factor ludicrous... well maybe you haven't lived.


thomasrdotorg's Rally of Melbourne photosetthomasrdotorg's Rally of Melbourne photoset

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Pic post 1: HSV Maloo

I'm going nuts with the pic thing (Tony P complaints about photo numbers has only slowed- not stopped- me.
So here's post one for today: HSV Maloo. A sweet, sweet ride.


thomasrdotorg's Holden HSV Maloo- VE edition photosetthomasrdotorg's Holden HSV Maloo- VE edition photoset

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Facebook me

this is Tom's profile


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